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Jose Alejandro Santiestaban and Maria Manuela Martinez marriage 1835 ~ Sandia

We all have worked with diligencia matrimoniales or marriage investigations.  I found one that keep puzzling me as I have a Jacinto Gutierrez line I keep trying to figure out.

At Sandia, on November 5, 1835, Jose Alejandro Santiesteban widow of doña Maria Ignacia Martines with doña Maria Manuela Martines, daughter of Salbador Martines and Maria Rita Burtierres. (Sandia Marriages, pg. 35)

Jose Alejandro Santisteban had been married previously to Maria Candelaria Martin, she the daughter of Pablo Martin and Maria Manuela Gutierres on February 25, 1811.  (Sandia Marriages, pg. 20)

So I found this DM chart at the library that depicts some interesting information.

Felis Martines has two sons, Salbador and Pablo.
Salvador marries Maria Rita Gutierrez.
Pablo marries Maria Manuela Gutierrez.
Now, Salvador and Pablo are brothers and sons of Felis Martines and Rutila Salazar.
The sisters, Rita and Manuela are sisters and daughter of Jacinto Gutierrez and Andrea Baca.

Then the daughters of the those children marry with Jose Alejandro Santistevan.  Maria Rita Gutierres' daughter Maria Biviana Martin also married him.  It gets very confusing as he marries three times into the same family lineage.

I'm still trying to figure this all out from the documents that I already have.  The bottom line is I made no headway on my Jacinto Gutierres.

Reference:  AASF Roll 90, Frame 178; New Mexico Marriages, Church of San Antonio de Sandia (NMGS); New Mexico Baptisms, Sandia Mission (HGRC)
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