Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Felipe Gutierrez Land Grant aka Town of Bernalillo, 1701

Felipe Gutierrez a soldier requested a grant of land around 1701.  The land grant was revalidated in 1704 and in 1708 Alcalde, Martin Hurtado put him in possession of said land.  The witnesses who were there for possession were Jose de Quintana and Ygnacio de Aragon.

Accounts of Luis Garcia in 1742, notes the boundaries as north the hills of Juan Gonzales, south a little bosque, east the high hills and west the Rio del Norte.

Testimony given by Tomas C. de Baca, age 54, farmer who was from Peña Blanca, stated in February 1874 that the town of Bernalillo is now on the east or hither side of the Rio Grande del Norte; though at the time of the grant was on the western or further side of the river.  (683)

In a different document, Manuel Gurule, Marcelino Archibeque, and Nepomuseno Archibeque all are stating they are heirs of Felipe Gutierrez and are making some claim on the land. I have not been able to figure out their kinship to Felipe Gutierrez as of today. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, SG 83, Roll #21, frame 661-683; PLC 208, Roll #52, Frames 190.
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