Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cristobal Jaramillo Land Grant ~ 1826

On February 2, 1826, Cristobal Jaramillo asks for land at a place called San Antonio or Cañoncito Nuanes (Bernalillo County).  From the details of the adjudication, we can make up quite a few of the family members from this one land grant record.

The children sold their interest in the land to their uncle, Guadalupe Jaramillo as stated by Pablo Jaramillo and that his grandfather was Cristobal Jaramillo.  He makes mention of his mother Guadalupe Duran (Francisco Jaramillo) and then the continuation of the documents are all land deeds dated January 1853 at Albuquerque or Sebolleta.

Cristobal Jaramillo married Elena Chavez y Duran on March 28, 1787 in Albuquerque. Their known children from this land grant would be as stated:
  1. Monica Jaramillo married a Martinez as her two daughters have sold, they are Ysabel and Josefa.
  2. Dolores Jaramillo she married Merejildo Candelaria; their children are Reso, Juanita, Josecita, Marcario.
  3. Luis Jaramillo
  4. Luisa Jaramillo
  5. Marcos Jaramillo, who has a son named Jose. 
  6. Francisco Jaramillo, who married Guadalupe Duran and their son Pablo sells his share of land to his uncle, Guadlaupe Jaramillo.
There are a couple of other children known to us, but they must have already sold the land prior to the rest of them making these land sales.  I have not been able to identify the uncle, Guadalupe Jaramillo.  Me might have also been adopted as Cristobal was the son of Mateo Gutierrez, which we find in subsequent documents. 

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©Henrietta M. Christmas

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