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Cañon de San Diego Land Grant Part II

I posted the first part of this on August 29, 2012 from the Surveyor General records.  The second section or set of documents are from the Private Land Claims or PLC 100, Roll 44 of the Spanish Archives of New Mexico.

In more testimony concerning several more people who felt they were entitled to the land.  A Santiago Garcia y Montoya, 53, a farmer and descendant of one of the land grantees, Francisco Garcia de Noriega, claims that his father Francisco married a Guadalupe Montoya and his father is son of the original Francisco, brother to Antonio Garcia de Noriega. (332)

The genealogy would look something like this:
-Francisco Garcia de Noriega married __________
-Francisco Garcia m. Guadalupe Montoya
-Santiago Garcia m. Josefa Tenorio - June 1846 at Sandia.

Amado Chavez is also interviewed, 43 years old in 1893 and he states he is the Supervisor for Public Information for the Territory.  He claims he is a great grandson of Francisco Garcia.  Based on his testimony this is what that genealogy would look like: (517-528)
-Francisco Garcia de Noriega
-Rose Garcia de Noriega (she is likely Maria Lus)
-Manuel Chavez
-Amado Chavez

If both testimonies are correct and with other information, it could be that Francisco Xavier Garcia de Noriega who married Maria de Jesus Aranda y Saabedra are in fact the parents of Francisco and  Maria Lus (Rosa) Garcia.

This genealogy would look more like this if we combine all the data:
1.  Francisco Garcia de Noriega m. Maria de Jesus Aranda y Saabedra
  a.  Francisco Garcia m. Guadalupe Montoya
    i.  Santiago Garcia m. Josefa Tenorio
  b. Maria Lus Garcia m. Jose Julian Chavez
    i.  Manuel Chavez m. Vicenta Labadie
        -Amado Chavez

After reviewing several other documents and more testimonies it appears that the parts to the puzzle are coming together.  Francisco Xavier Garcia de Noriega, doesn't appear in any records after about 1809.  They state he died about 1809 in other testimonies.  They all conclude that Antonio Garcia de Noriega, died at about 70 years of age around 1835. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Roll 44, starting frame 299-544.  Sandia Baptisms, Jemez Baptisms, New Mexico Colonial Census.
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