Monday, September 24, 2012

Attending Conferences or Workshops

On Saturday, I attended a one day event at one of our local FHL centers on the west side.  Sometimes we get lazy and don't go or find excuses that we know everything - so what could we possibly learn.  Since I was going to be there anyway as I was delivering a lecture on Colonial New Mexico Military, I spent the whole day.  I'm so glad I went.

First of all, the speakers were all really good.  Second, the location for me was fantastic and parking was about as good as it can get.

One of the two lectures I attended that I would like to share was one done by our local Librarian, Lisa Kendrick.  She is really very helpful when you are down at the Genealogy Center at the Main Library.  The information she gave us was outstanding.  I didn't know that there were several free things you can logon from home and utilize from the Libraries Resources, you just need a library card - which is free.  So I'll need to try all of those.

While in the library itself, there are many collections and the Local Information Network (LAN) that has many things none of us use on a regular basis.  We are missing out as it is a well kept secret.  Maybe the persons using it don't tell the rest of us so we don't impede their use.

I also got a peek into what they currently have at the Special Collections Library.  I'll have to make a special trip to visit and take a look at their many collections and books.

The other speaker I really liked was Valerie Hansen on "Breaking Down Your Brick Walls."  I enjoy methodology classes more than anything else.  She was really really good.  I came home with some thoughts on how to problem solve some of my adobe walls. I especially likes the idea of writing a summary of your problem and seeing how many gaps there are; it draws your attention to some voids that you might need to fill.  Plus sharing your research and having that second or third person take a look at your problem.  I do this often with some close friends, but using a family group sheet and really taking a look at someone's work takes time.  So find that buddy and start working on your adobe walls or as she calls them problems.

Next time there is a free event, please plan on attending.

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