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Sandia Mission Burials 1797-1799

Here are a few more Sandia Burials to fill in the blanks for your genealogies.

On June 11 1797, Antonio Truxillo, was buried, married to Maria Torres.

August 17, 1797, Agustina Truxillo married to Ysidro Romero.

On September 7, 1797, Maria Dolores Marquez, widow of Pasqual Gutierrez. (789)

On October 31, 1797, Juan Francisco Gutierrez was buried, married to Maria Dolores Aranda. (790)

January 11, 1798, Juan Jose Brigido, son of Alonso Rael and Jusepa Tenorio. (791)

April 11, 1798, the three Juana Maria's, daughters of Agustin Archiveque and Maria Manuela Chavez, she is buried along with her two sisters, also named the same, the first one died on the 25 and the second the 28th of March.

April 5, 1798, Maria Victoria, parvula, duaghter of Juan Nepomuceno Gallego and Ana Maria Chavez. (791)

May 2, 1798, Theodora Aragon, adult (792)

November 1798, Jose Antonio Baca y Sanchez, adult of 15 years, son of Mariano Baca and Theresa Sanchez, deceased, from Bernalillo. (792)

April 17, 1799, Jacinto Gutierrez married to Maria Andrea Baca, vecinos of Bernalillo.

May 5, 1799, Maria Agueda de Jesus Trujillo married to Christoval de los Dolores Hurtado, from Corrales. (793)

August 29, 1799, Juan Antonio Salazar, adult, son of Ventura Salazar and Barvara Antonia Nieto, vecinos of Bernalillo.  (794)

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
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