Friday, August 10, 2012

Sandia Burials Additional Entries 1791-1794

Burials noted on the following dates:

February 17, 1791, burial of Maria Francisca Herrera wife of Vicente Rodrigues.

March 26 1791, Ventura Romero married to Rosa Garcia.

May 29, 1792, Ana Rosa Gurule, married to Jose Manuel Muñis. (784)

April 13, 1793, Juan Cristoval, parbulo son of Miguel Salazar and Febronia Gurule. (785)

July 12, 1793, Maria Librada Bonifacia Martinez, daughter of Antonio Martinez and Ana Teresa de Jesus Gutierrez.

August 18, 1793, Jose Antonio Matias, son of Pablo Martin and Lucia Gallego.

December 7, 1793, Margarita Montoya married to Jose Antonio Montoya. (786)

December 7, 1793, Juliana, daughter of Miguel Nieto and Maria Dolores Salazar.

March 15, 1794, Juana Andrea, daughter of Jose Manuel Velarde and Maria Manuela Perea.

September 8, 1794, Christoval Gutierrez married to Maria Manuela Valdez, from Albuquerque.

References:  AASF Roll #36, Sandia Burials

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