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Sandia Burials ~ 1788

On January 20, 1788, Felipe, son of Diego Lucero and Juliana Gurule, one year old, couple legitimately married.

On April 22, 1788, Manuel, parvulo, four years old, son of Marcos Coca and Antonia Gonzales, coyotes, legitimately married. (779)

On April 23, 1788, Sebastiana Ortega, mestiza, married to Diego Montoya, coyote, legitimate married.

On May 22, 1788, Miguel Antonio, parvulo, nine months old, son of Marcos Coca and Antonia Gonzales, coyotes, legitimately married.

On June 6, 1788, Agustina, coyota, married to Joaquin (vulgo Juachimillo), genizaro, legitimately married of this parish; about 30 years old.

On September 10, 1788, Jose Miguel, two days old, son of Jose Manuel Velarde and Manuela Perea, legitimately married.

On September 10, 1788, Maria Antonia Montoya, coyota, legitimately married to Juan Antonio Gallegos, genizaro, parishioners of this jurisdiction; about 40 years old.

On September 13, 1788, Juan Jose, five months old, natural son of Catarina Martinez, widow of Francisco (Apache, but Christianized), legitimately married. (780)

On September 16, 1788, the following were buried:  Manuel Mora, single; Pablo Trugillo, single; Cristobal Aragon, single - parishioners of this parish; and lastly, Feliciano Aragon, coyote, parishioner of Albuquerque.  They died at the puesto of Alameda, jurisdiction of Sandia, at the hands of the Gileño Apache.

On October 2, 1788, Jose Antonio, parvulo, about two months old, son of unknown parents.

On October 23, 1788, Bernardina Montoya, coyota, doncella, about 28 years old.

On December 15, 1788, Antonio Sedillo, married to Gregoria Gonzalez, he must have died accidentally, they had summoned me since the 12th.  He was very old, deaf and more than 80 years old; he is buried in the chapel at Alameda.  (781)

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
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