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Sandia and San Felipe Marriages

At Sandia Mission, on November 26, 1776, married and veiled, Nicolas Martin and Maria Antonia, criados and vesinos of Corrales, padrinos were Juan Antonio Mirabal and his wife, Guadalupe Cordoba with Ysidro Romero, vecinos of the same puesto. I find Maria Antonia as a Salazar in records when they are having children.

San Felipe Mission:

September 17, 1767, veiled Pedro Gutierrez and his wife Rosalia Hurtado, see Origins of New Mexico Families, page 195. (841)

On October 4, 1767, veiled Abert Montoya and his wife, Polonia Dominguez.  (841)

On June 9, 1769, married and veiled Francisco Xavier de Aragon with Barbara Gutierrez, españoles, vecinos of la Guerta, witnesses for this celebration were Jacinto Gutierrez and Andrea Baca. [this is the first record I have seen for Las Huertas] (842-843)

On April 28, 1771, Juan Baupta, español, natural son of Rosa Valdez, deceased with Maria de las Nieves, legitimate daughter of Joseph Martinez and Josepha Romero, españoles, witnesses: Ygnacio Gallega and Maria Valdez. (844-45)

On August 30, 1772, Juan Luis Tiburcio, widower of Rosa Samora, with Maria Antonia Sanchez, genizara. (848)

On April 24, 1774, Juan Antonio Pacheco, indio, legitimate son of Silvestre and of Anica with Manuela Gonzales, india of Ysleta, padrinos were Bartolome Padilla and Barbara Gallego.

On May 7, 1774, married Juana, widow with Juan Diego Castiso, widower, witnesses:  Albert Montoya and Polonia Gomes Valdez, and Simon Nieto with Juana, widow, also married.  (852)

On June 3, 1774, Antonio Armixo, español, son of Torivio Armigo and Ysidora de Analla, with Barbara Antonia, española, daughter of Joseph Duran y Chaves and Maria Antonia Gurulem, deceased, padrinos:  Bartolome Padilla and Maria Francisca Tafoya. (852)

References:  AASF #28, Sandia Mission and San Felipe Mission Marriages
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