Friday, August 31, 2012

Pojoaque Burials 1788

There don't appear to be that many deaths or burials noted in this year.  I wonder where they might have recorded them?

January 3, 1788, Juanico el mano, Indian and married to Luisa.

March 30, 1788, Juan Antonio, widower of Maria, Indians from Nambe.

April 3, 1788, Maria, adult vuida vieja, old widow; Indian from Pojoaque.

May 8, 1788, Maria de la Luz, Nambe Indian married to Diego.

May 31, 1788, Anna, adult Indian from Nambe, married to Juan Antonio  Largo, Indian from Nambe.

June 2, 1788, Maria Candelaria, Indian from Pojoaque, married to Jose Trujillo.

June 6, 1788, Francisco Ocote, Indian from Nambe, married to Angelina Cuchaya.

August 7, 1788, Miguel Conefo, Indian from Nambe, married to Maria Manuela.

December 21, 1788, Barbara Trujillo, vecina and married to Juan Domingo Borrego. (321)

December 31, 1788, Maria de la Luz, parvula, legitimate daugther of Diego Borrego and Bibiana Sandoval.  (322)

References:  AASF #37 Pojoaque, NM Burials
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