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Marriages in Cochiti 1782-

Again, I keep telling myself, Cochiti must have been the place to get married in the late 1700s.   I keep finding Pojoaque, Tesuque and Santa Cruz people getting married not that far from home, but far enough.

On February 27, 1782, Benito Lucero, español single, legitimate son of Antonio Lucero and Ana Maria Santisteban Coronel, deceased with Maria Felipa Duran, single española of Pojoaque, legitimate daughter of Miguel Duran and Maria Josefa Lujan - witnesses:  Cayetano Montaño and Pedro Antonio Truxillo.  (027)

This Duran family had another daughter that married on January 27, 1782 at Cochiti to an Antonio Lucero on January 27, 1782; one month apart.  I think maybe, rechecking the film might be helpful to make sure it wasn't a double ceremony on the same date.

On January 15, 1792, Lucas Aragon, single español and legitimate son of Vizente Aragon, deceased with Maria Rosa Gutierres, with Barbara Antonia Apodaca, legitimate daughter of Miguel Apodaca and Antonia Montoya, españoles; witnesses:  Jose Urban Montaño and Manuel Loreto Luzero. (063-064)

Rosa Gutierres remarried to a Nicolas Apodaca in 1782, his parents are noted in that marriage record.  The Miguel Apodaca mentioned in the marriage above, I do not have parents for and there might be a diligencia some place that would show some kind of affinity for Barbara Antonia when she weds?  Sort of a long-shot, but worth checking if this is your family.

On August 14, 1795, Francisco Ruibal, genizaro, legitimate son of Alexandro Ruibal and Maria Vegil, with Cristina Raguaya, Indian, witnesses:  Francisco Ubachini and Juan Gomes. (086)

On May 1, 1796, Jose Manuel Suazo, legitimate son of Juan Phelipe Suazo and Maria Rosa Chavez, Indian naturales of Tesuque, with Maria Antonia Saquitz, single legitimate daughter of Juaquin Sistiqua, deceased and Barbara Cayotiya, Indios naturales from Cochiti. (094)

References:  AASF Roll #27, Cochiti Mission Marriages
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