Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cochiti Marriages, 1776

Well my love for looking at film has paid off recently.  I have been looking for more on both of these families for a very long time, and it just amazes me what you can find if you go frame by frame.  My good friend Luis did many extractions long ago, by himself no less; and he did a great job.  But as I keep telling myself, check the film and that is what I urge everyone else to do.  None of these solve my dead ends or brick walls, but they fill in some blanks.

At Cochiti:

On October 7, 1776, Antonio Felis Luxan, son of Joseph Luxan and Antonia Esquibel, from the villa of Santa Cruz de la Cañada, with Theodora Romero, daughter of Miguel Romero, deceased and Rosa Montolla, both single; witnesses:  Miguel Maez, Nicolasa Lujan. (007) 

On October 7, 1776, Joseph Maria Maez, single, son of Marcial Maez, deceased and Rosalia Abeyta with Maria Rosa Barela, daughter of Juan de Dios Barela and Pascuala Garcia; witnesses:  Antonio Maese, son of Marcial Maeze and Rosalia Abeyta and his wife, Barbara Santistevan, daughter of Juan Santistevan, deceased and Francisca Valerio Martin. (008)

The witnesses in this case confirm a relationship I haven't been able to find, that of Antonio Maese and tying him to Marcial, his father.  Although, this isn't a marriage record, the fact that the priest wrote the relationship down was enough for me to make that connection.

References:  AASF Roll #27, Cochiti Mission Marriages
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