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Santo Domingo Marriages June 1849 - January 1853

Well now that I've gotten this far, I'm not on the correct film, as I write this reminder to myself; check San Felipe or Cochiti for possible marriages.

On June 29, 1849, married Juan Calabasa, single son of Eusebio Calabasa and Maria Josefa Lobato with Maria Guadalupe Pacheco, single daughter of Jose Miguel Pacheco and Maria Rosa Baca, residents and natives of the pueblo. (54)

On August 22, 1849, married Juan Ygnacio Coris widower of Maria Ascencion Montoya with Maria Figenia Crespin, widow of Diego Calabasa, natives of the pueblo.

On August 29, 1849, married Juan Pedro Garcia widower of Catalina with Maria Ygnes Benabides, single daughter of Bautista Benabides and Maria Encarnacion Aguilar, natives of the pueblo.

On November 30, 1849, married Santiago Atencio widowed of Maria Coris with Maria Niebes Aguilar, widow of Santiago Nieto, natives of the pueblo. (55)

On December 8, 1849, married Anselmo Nieto, son of Juan Antono Nieto and Maria Baca with Maria Salome Marques single daughter of Jose Cruz Marques, natives of the pueblo.

On December 16, 1849, married Juan Baca, single legitimate son of Prudencio Baca and Maria Manuela Peña with Maria Quirina Lucero single daughter of Manuel Lucero and Guadalupe Martines, from Peña Blanca.

On December 17, 1849, married Pedro Alcantra Archiveque legitimate son of Romualdo Archiveque and Maria Encarnacion Montoya from Algodones with Maria Apolonia Baca daughter of Jose Baca and Maria Dolores Gonzales, from Peña Blanca.

On January 4, 1850, married Felipe de Jesus Sandobal single son of Vicente Sandobal and Maria Rita Baca with Maria Martina Lucero, single daughter of Antonio Lucero and Maria Antoia Montoya, from Peña Blanca.  (55, 59)

On February 28, 1850, married Teodoro Montoya, single son of Antonio Montoya and Maria Florentina Ortis from Algodones with Maria Martina Baca, single daughter of Miguel Baca and Dolores Sanchez, from Peña Blanca.

On March 6, 1850, married Eucebio Calabasa, native of the pueblo, widower of Maria Josefa Pacheco with Maria Rita Chaves, widow of Ysidro Aguilar.

On May 24, 1850, married Luis Maria Benavides widower of Maria Francisca Abeita with Maria Dolores Lucero, single daughter of Cristobal Lucero and Maria Refugio Romero. (60)

On January 3, 1853, married Domingo Garcia, son of Jose Pablo Garcia and Maria Manuela Sanchez with Maria Cicilia Crespina single legitimate daughter of Domingo Crespin and Maria Carmel Montoya from Peña Blanca. (66)

Reference:  AASF Film # 32 

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