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Santo Domingo Marriages, 1791

At Santo Domingo Mission, on December 27, 1791, Luis Martin, single, resident of Vasquez and parishioner of this jurisdiction, legitimate son of Joachin Martin and Gertrudis Quintana, both deceased and residents of Santa Fe with Maria Monica Crespin, single legitimate daughter of Jose de La Cruz Crespin and Antonia Gertrudis Rael, residents of Vasquez and parishioners of this jurisdiction.  Witnesses:  Lorenzo Marquez and his wife Juana Valdes.  (29:1251)

At Santo Domingo Mission, on May 6, 1792, Juan de Jesus Mares, single legitimate son of Lorenzo Mares and Gonzaga Rodriguez, deceased with Maria Ysabel Apodaca, single legitimate daughter of Jose Apodaca, deceased and Juana Valdez.  Witnesses:  Francisco Mares of Santa Fe and his wife, Juana Victoria Varela. (29:1254)

On May 15, 1792, veiled Luiz Martin and his wife Maria Monica Crespin.  (29:1254)

On August 23, 1802 at Santo Domingo, I married and veiled, Juan Maria Griego (vecino) español, single legitimate son of Jose Antonio Griego (deceased) and Maria Rosa Montaño, vecinos of Peña Blanca with Maria Guadalupe Garduño, española legitimate daughter of Cristobal Garduño and Maria Ygnacia Trujillo, deceased, vecinos of said place.  Witnesses:  Jose Crespin, Luis Martin, Joaquin Gaona and Vicente Crespin.  (29:1289)

References:  Santo Domingo Mission Church Records, AASF Roll #29

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