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Sandia Burials ~ 1783 - 1785

On March 21, 1783, Ana Maria Marquez, widow, vecina of Bernalillo, who died on the 20th.

On April 5, 1783, Antonio Alonso de los Dolores, 3 months old, son of Juliana Rael, vecino of Alameda. (770)

On April 13, 1783, Maria Barvara Anicochea, widow of Simon Santillanes, buried on the 14th. Corrales.

On January 1, 1791, Maria Guadalupe Trinidad, parvula, from Bernalillo. (771)

On November 28, 1784, Antonio Jose, parvulo, three years old, son of Francisco Sandobal and Getrudis Gonzales, españoles, vecinos of Alameda.

Next entry is cut off, but reads, 178_, Juan Pablo, parvulo, son of Francisco Perea and. (772)

On January 6, 1785, Maria Valdez, married to Jose de Aragon, españoles, vecino of Bernalillo, she was about 40 years old and she left eight children.

 On March 1, 1785, Juan Baptista de Jesus, four months old, son of Pedro Garcia an Rosa Gutierrez, españoles and vecinos of jurisdiction.

On April 2, 1785, Ana Teresa Apodaca, daughter of Joachin Antono Apodaca and Maria Rosa Segura, espanoles, vecino of the jurisdiction of Cochiti, she was 18 years old.

On April 7, 1785, Maria Josefa de los Ramos, parvula, 15 days old, daughter of Juan Domingo Aragon and Juana Luisa Gonzales, vecinos of Sandia.

On April 13, 1785, Miguel Matias, parvulo, two __, son of Miguel Santillanes and Victoria Gonzales, Sandia.

Next entry is cut off, April 15, 1785, Pedro Ascencio, parvulo, of 20? (773)

May 30, 1785, Antonio Cassimiro Trujillo, married to Nicolasa Gonzales, vecino of this jurisdiction, he died at 60 years old.

On June 20, 1785, Ysabel Gallego, Indian single and vecina of this jurisdiction, she was 70 years old.

On June 24, 1785, Josefa Carrillo, Indian single and vecina of this jurisdiction, she was 60 years old.

On July 22, 1785, Antonio Florencio Martinez, widower of Elena Gonzales, vecino of this jurisdiction, he was 38 years old.

On July 29, 1785, Maria Rita Salazar, married to Antonio Martinez, vecinos of this jurisdiction, she was 40 years old.  (774)

On August 24, 1785, Maria Dolores, criada Indian of the Comanche Nation, she was 18 years old; I was called by Antonio Jose Trujillo.

On August 29, 1785, by the order of the Alcalde Mayor Nereo Antonio Montoya o Gallego, the body of Jose Garcia, of official ___ maestro of said alcaldia and vecino of this jurisdiction.

On September 6, 1785, Rita, Indian of the Comanche Nation, she was 45 years old; placing the water of baptisms on her before she died.

On October 19, 1785, Juana Maria de los Dolores, parvula, 10 months old, daughter of Margil Montoya and Maria Cordova, coyotes, of this jurisdiction.

On October 21, 1785, Juan Antonio Rael, married to Maria Ygnacia Sandoval, vecinos of this jurisdiction; he was 26 years old.  (775)

On October 21, 1785, Joaquin Rael, widower of Barbara Gutierrez, vecinos of of this jurisdiction; he was 28 years old and died at the hands of the Apache.

On November 13, 1785, Maria Marquez, widow of Andres Sandoval and vecinos of the villa of Santa Fe; she was 60 years old and died in this jurisdiction.

On Novembe 20, 1785, Paula, parvula, 6 years old, daughter of  Juan Tafoya and Maria Zerna, deceased, vecinos of of this jurisdiction.

On November 30, 1785, Juan Gonzalez, widower and vecino of this jurisdiction; 65 years old.

On December 22, 1785, Maria Antonia Gonzales, free Indian, single, vecina of this jurisdiction; she was 70 years old.  (776)

References:  AASF Roll 36, Sandia Mission Burials
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