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Sandia Burials ~ 1782

On January 6, 1782, Juan Rafael, parvulo, 2 1/2 months, of unknown parents, in the care of Polonia Vallejo, widow, vecina of Alameda.

On January 11, 1782,  Maria Manuela de los Reyes, 11 days old, parvula, daughter of Antonio Martinez and who was in their care was Jph Cordoba and Margarita Martinez, vecinos of Alameda. (767)

On March 11, 1782, Manuel Esteban, parvulo, 2 1/2 months old, son of Antonio Martinez and Rita Salazar, vecinos of Corrales.

On April 7, 1782, Pablo Yrrasarri, married to Maria Barbara, coleta, Martinez, buried on the 8th.

On May 17, 1782, Maria Getrudis Pacheco, who died suddenly, widow of Juan Muñis, vecinos of Bernalillo, buried on the 18th.

On June 1, 1782, Pedro Gonzales, married to Teodora Aragon, vecinos of  Alameda, he died at the hands of the Apache enemy, buried on the 2nd. (768)

On June 3, 1782, Juan Gonzales Baz, who died at the hands of the Apache enemy on the first of this month, parishioner of this church, vecinos of Corrales, married to Maria Manuela Baca.

On July 4, 1782, Maria Andrea, parvula, one year and some months old, daughter of Jph Mariano Varela and Rosa Gallego, vecinos of Bernalillo.

On August 20, 1782, Juana Salazar, Indian genizara, married to Mariano Gonzales, from Corrales.

On September 13, 1782, Salvador Baca, single, from Albuquerque, he died on the 12th from a Comanche attack.

On October 11, 1782, Rafael Antonio de los Dolores, parvulo, son of Juan Bernal, español, vecino of Corrales. (769)

On November 30, 1782, Mariana Armijo, coyota, she was married to Juan Bernal, español, vecino of Corrales.

On December 13, 1782, Maria Manuela de los Dolores, parvula, she died on the 12th, daughter of Gervasio Montoya and Guadalupe Armijo, coyotes, vecino of Corrales. (770)

References:  AASF Film #36, Sandia Mission Burials

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