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Lincoln County Marriages 1901-1913

This is just a piece of paper I have, with some names of marriages in a list, no parents or witnesses.  In fact, when I was looking at the Lincoln / Carrizozo marriages, that film has huge amounts of information that if someone is from that area, they should take the time to really study the film, all the priest entries in the middle and notations have some good family information.

Page 180

Cruz Zamora married 11/ 9  1908 with Abelin Lujan.

5/18  1901  Beatriz Romero married Abecor Gonzales.

10/23 1909  Manuela Otero married Doroteo Tafoya.

11/6  1909  Eloya Maranda with Charles Young.

2/28  1910  Pitolino Sanchez married with Barbarita Torres.

5/5  1909  Eulalia Sanchez married with Alberto Ruiz.

7/10  1911  Marcelo Herrera married with Conferina Sanchez.

7/12 1911  Reymunda Silva married with Gregorio Pino.

9/30  1911  Rocindo Padilla married with Dolores Romero.

12/2  1911  George Kimbel married with Sara Silva?

10/9 1912  Apolonia Benavides married with Fidel Trujillo.

8/4  1913  Isidro Chavez married with Paulita Sanchez.

8/10  1913  Rosa Moya married with Juan Miguel Mireles.

11/26  1913  Alejandro Zamora married with Francisca Padilla.

References:  Lincoln County Marriages aka Carrizozo, AASF Film #16756.

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