Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nambe Baptisms 1795-1804

At Nambe, Juana Maria Romero was baptized on May 27, 1795, five days old, daughter of Manuel Romero and Paula Valdez, pad/ Jose Miguel Trugillo and his wife, Magdalena Rivera, parishioners of this parish. [AASF #6, frame 69]

On July  1795, baptized Jose Rafael, legitimate son of Manuel Marquez and Maria Paula Valdes, residents of this jurisdiction; padrino was Jose Francisco Truxillo. [AASF #6, frame 76]

On March 27, 1799, baptized Maria de la Encarnacion Romero, legitimate daughter of Manuel Romero and Maria Paubla Baldes, godfather was Antonio Quintana. [AASF #8, frame 73]

On January 20, 1804, baptized a three day old child named Maria Ygnacia, daughter of Manuel Marques and Maria Paula Baldes, of this parish, pad/ Rafael Martin and Maria Sisneros. [AASF #8, frame 81] 

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