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1785 Pojoaque Burials June - December

On June 14, 1785, Maria Francisca was buried, Indian from the Nambe Pueblo, married to Juan Domingo Largo.

On June 18, 1785, Juan Rajar, widower and Indian of this pueblo was buried.

On June 19, 1785, Rosa was buried, single adult, Indian of the Nambe Pueblo, daughter of Francisco Gregorio, widower. (315)

On August 3, 1785, Juan Diego, widower of the Tesuque Pueblo was buried, married to Antonia.

On August 9, 1785, Agustin was buried, adult Indian of the Tesuque Pueblo.

On August 12, 1785, Maria Rafaela, parvula was buried, Indian of this Pueblo, daughter of Jose Trugillo and Marta.

On August 16, 1785, Maria Angela was buried, Indian of the Tesuque Pueblo, married with Juan Antonio.

On Agusut 20, 1785, Antonio Zuazo was buried, widower, Indian from Tesuque.

On August 21, 1785, Josefa, widow and Indian of Tesuque Pueblo.

On September 10, 1785, Maria de la Luz was buried, Indian from Tesuque Pueblo, widow of Francisco. (316)

On November 5, 1785, Quiteria was buried, adult Indian of this pueblo, daughter of Miguel and Josefa, deceased.

On November 20, 1785, Juan Manuel was buried, Indian of Tesuque Pueblo, married to Anna Maria.

On November 22, 1785, Fernando Griego, resident of this jurisdiction, married to Theodora Roibal.

On November 19, 1785, Maria Brigida was buried, parvula, Indian of Nambe Pueblo, daughter of Antonio and Casilda.

On November 23, 1785, Juan Diego was buried, Indian parvulo of this pueblo, son of Juan Xptobal and Juana Maria.

On December 14, 1785, Francisco Gregorio was buried, widower, Indian of Nambe Pueblo.

On December 25, 1785, Maria was buried, Indian of Nambe Pueblo, daughter of Marcelino and Francisca. (317)

On December 29, 1785, Juan Thomas was buried, Indian of Tesuque Pueblo, married with Micaela. (318)

Reference:  AASF, Reel #37 

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