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1784 Pojoaque Burials

A continuation of the burials as I go through them, appear to be missing more records.  I'm wondering if some of these people aren't in the burial records for San Ildefonso or possibly Nambe.

On February 8, 1784, Ygnacio was buried, Indian and Governor of the Pueblo married to Ygnasia.

On March 29, 1784, Pedro Antonio Roybal, (married to Ysabel Pacheco) residents.  [His brother married an Ygnacia Pacheco, they are possibly sisters, but I haven't found parents for this Ysabel Pacheco, nor a marriage record.  He is the son of Mateo Roybal and Gregoria Baca]

On April 10, 1784, Geronimo was buried, widower of this pueblo.

On May 3, 1784, Maria Eugenia was buried, she was from the pueblo, single, adult, legitimate daughter of Geronimo and Juana, deceased.

On May 11, 1784, Jose Romero, espanol, resident of Cuyamunge, married to Nicolasa Trugillo.  (311-32)

On September 7, 1784, Ysidora was buried, parvula, legitimate daughter of Paulin Espinosa and Maria Ysavel Archuleta, residents of this jurisdiction. [Ysabel is the daughter of Hilario Archuleta from Cuyamungue and likely why they are living in the Pojoaque area]

On December 5, 1784, Rosalia was buried, adult wife of Fernandes, Indian.

On December 30, 1784, Julian Duran was buried, adult single resident and legitimate son of Gregorio Duran and Maria Concepcion Cisneros. (312-32)

Reference:  AASF #32

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