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Sandia Burials ~ 1783 - 1785

On March 21, 1783, Ana Maria Marquez, widow, vecina of Bernalillo, who died on the 20th.

On April 5, 1783, Antonio Alonso de los Dolores, 3 months old, son of Juliana Rael, vecino of Alameda. (770)

On April 13, 1783, Maria Barvara Anicochea, widow of Simon Santillanes, buried on the 14th. Corrales.

On January 1, 1791, Maria Guadalupe Trinidad, parvula, from Bernalillo. (771)

On November 28, 1784, Antonio Jose, parvulo, three years old, son of Francisco Sandobal and Getrudis Gonzales, españoles, vecinos of Alameda.

Next entry is cut off, but reads, 178_, Juan Pablo, parvulo, son of Francisco Perea and. (772)

On January 6, 1785, Maria Valdez, married to Jose de Aragon, españoles, vecino of Bernalillo, she was about 40 years old and she left eight children.

 On March 1, 1785, Juan Baptista de Jesus, four months old, son of Pedro Garcia an Rosa Gutierrez, españoles and vecinos of jurisdiction.

On April 2, 1785, Ana Teresa Apodaca, daughter of Joachin Antono Apodaca and Maria Rosa Segura, espanoles, vecino of the jurisdiction of Cochiti, she was 18 years old.

On April 7, 1785, Maria Josefa de los Ramos, parvula, 15 days old, daughter of Juan Domingo Aragon and Juana Luisa Gonzales, vecinos of Sandia.

On April 13, 1785, Miguel Matias, parvulo, two __, son of Miguel Santillanes and Victoria Gonzales, Sandia.

Next entry is cut off, April 15, 1785, Pedro Ascencio, parvulo, of 20? (773)

May 30, 1785, Antonio Cassimiro Trujillo, married to Nicolasa Gonzales, vecino of this jurisdiction, he died at 60 years old.

On June 20, 1785, Ysabel Gallego, Indian single and vecina of this jurisdiction, she was 70 years old.

On June 24, 1785, Josefa Carrillo, Indian single and vecina of this jurisdiction, she was 60 years old.

On July 22, 1785, Antonio Florencio Martinez, widower of Elena Gonzales, vecino of this jurisdiction, he was 38 years old.

On July 29, 1785, Maria Rita Salazar, married to Antonio Martinez, vecinos of this jurisdiction, she was 40 years old.  (774)

On August 24, 1785, Maria Dolores, criada Indian of the Comanche Nation, she was 18 years old; I was called by Antonio Jose Trujillo.

On August 29, 1785, by the order of the Alcalde Mayor Nereo Antonio Montoya o Gallego, the body of Jose Garcia, of official ___ maestro of said alcaldia and vecino of this jurisdiction.

On September 6, 1785, Rita, Indian of the Comanche Nation, she was 45 years old; placing the water of baptisms on her before she died.

On October 19, 1785, Juana Maria de los Dolores, parvula, 10 months old, daughter of Margil Montoya and Maria Cordova, coyotes, of this jurisdiction.

On October 21, 1785, Juan Antonio Rael, married to Maria Ygnacia Sandoval, vecinos of this jurisdiction; he was 26 years old.  (775)

On October 21, 1785, Joaquin Rael, widower of Barbara Gutierrez, vecinos of of this jurisdiction; he was 28 years old and died at the hands of the Apache.

On November 13, 1785, Maria Marquez, widow of Andres Sandoval and vecinos of the villa of Santa Fe; she was 60 years old and died in this jurisdiction.

On Novembe 20, 1785, Paula, parvula, 6 years old, daughter of  Juan Tafoya and Maria Zerna, deceased, vecinos of of this jurisdiction.

On November 30, 1785, Juan Gonzalez, widower and vecino of this jurisdiction; 65 years old.

On December 22, 1785, Maria Antonia Gonzales, free Indian, single, vecina of this jurisdiction; she was 70 years old.  (776)

References:  AASF Roll 36, Sandia Mission Burials
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sandia Burials ~ 1782

On January 6, 1782, Juan Rafael, parvulo, 2 1/2 months, of unknown parents, in the care of Polonia Vallejo, widow, vecina of Alameda.

On January 11, 1782,  Maria Manuela de los Reyes, 11 days old, parvula, daughter of Antonio Martinez and who was in their care was Jph Cordoba and Margarita Martinez, vecinos of Alameda. (767)

On March 11, 1782, Manuel Esteban, parvulo, 2 1/2 months old, son of Antonio Martinez and Rita Salazar, vecinos of Corrales.

On April 7, 1782, Pablo Yrrasarri, married to Maria Barbara, coleta, Martinez, buried on the 8th.

On May 17, 1782, Maria Getrudis Pacheco, who died suddenly, widow of Juan Muñis, vecinos of Bernalillo, buried on the 18th.

On June 1, 1782, Pedro Gonzales, married to Teodora Aragon, vecinos of  Alameda, he died at the hands of the Apache enemy, buried on the 2nd. (768)

On June 3, 1782, Juan Gonzales Baz, who died at the hands of the Apache enemy on the first of this month, parishioner of this church, vecinos of Corrales, married to Maria Manuela Baca.

On July 4, 1782, Maria Andrea, parvula, one year and some months old, daughter of Jph Mariano Varela and Rosa Gallego, vecinos of Bernalillo.

On August 20, 1782, Juana Salazar, Indian genizara, married to Mariano Gonzales, from Corrales.

On September 13, 1782, Salvador Baca, single, from Albuquerque, he died on the 12th from a Comanche attack.

On October 11, 1782, Rafael Antonio de los Dolores, parvulo, son of Juan Bernal, español, vecino of Corrales. (769)

On November 30, 1782, Mariana Armijo, coyota, she was married to Juan Bernal, español, vecino of Corrales.

On December 13, 1782, Maria Manuela de los Dolores, parvula, she died on the 12th, daughter of Gervasio Montoya and Guadalupe Armijo, coyotes, vecino of Corrales. (770)

References:  AASF Film #36, Sandia Mission Burials

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sandia Burials ~ March 1781 - December 23, 1781

On March 13, 1781, Maria Vicenta, parvula, daughter of Pedro Balverde, widower, vecino of Bernalillo.

On March 14, 1781, Ana Teresa Garcia, married to Diego Antonio Belarde, vecino of Alameda.

On March 16, 1781, Juan Christobal, parvulo, son of Antonio Trujillo and Francisca Montoya,

On March 25, 1781, Juan Jph, parvulo, age of 2 years, son of Mariano Garsia and Rosa Gallego, vecinos of Bernalillo. (764)

On March 26, 1781, Elena Gonzales, married to Alfin Martinez, vecino of Corrales.

On (no month) 27, 1781, Maria Manuela, single, daughter of Thomas Daminguillo Martinez, deceased, vecinos of Corrales.

On July 6, 1781, Maria Andrea, parvula, of more than three months, natural daughter of Cathalina Gonzales, coyota, single, vecina of Alameda.

On August 26, 1781, Jph Garcia, Indian, married to Antonia Gongora, vecina of  Alameda. (765)

On September 13, 1781, Maria Rafaela, parvula, daughter of Gaspar Gonzales and Jpha Martinez, vecinos of Alameda.

On September 19, 1781, Maria Rafaela, parvula, daughter of Juan Domingo Aragon and Ana Maria Luisa, vecinos of Alameda.

On September 23, 1781, Juan Garcia y Hurtado, married to Feliciana Martinez, vecinos of Alameda.

On September 3, 1781, Fernando Jph, parbulo, four months old, son of Segundo Gonzales and Dorotea Griego, vecinos of Corrales.

On October 26, 1781, Maria Conepcion Romero, single, vecina of Bernalillo.

On December 8, 1781, Juan Xpt, parvulo, two months old, son of Juan Antonio Rael, español, vecino of Bernalillo. (766)

On November 29, 1781, Juan Xptl Gurule, single, he died in Bernalillo.

On December 8, 1781, Juan Xptal, parvulo, two months old, son of Juan Antonio Rael, vecino of Alameda.

On December 23, 1781, Juan Gabriel de los Dolores, son of the deceased Bicente Armijo, parvulo, one and one half years old, vecino of Corrales. (767)

References:  AASF Film #36, Sandia Mission Burials

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sandia Burials ~ February 17- 26, 1781

On February 17, 1781, Maria Eulalia, parvula daughter of Miguel Lucero and Maria de la Luz Gonzales, vecinos of Corrales. She is likely the one born on February 20, 1780, baptized at Sandia.

On February 17, 1781, Guadalupe, coyota parvula and criada of Xptal Salazar, vecinos of Alameda.

On February 18, 1781, Maria Ysavel, parvula daughter of Juan Bernal and Mariana Armijo, vecinos of Corrales.  She is likely baptized on December 16, 1780 at Sandia Mission.

On February 19, 1781, Pablo Martinez, single, nephew of Nicolas Martinez, vecinos of Corrales.

On February 20, 1781, Ana de Luna, widow of Jph Garcia de Noriega, vecinos of Alameda.  This could be the couple who married on December 27, 1729 at Bernalillo.

On February 21, 1781, Vicente Armijo, married to Margarita Martinez, vecinos of Corrales.

On February 21, 1781, Maria Juliana, parvula, daughter of Luis Garcia and Guadalupe Gamboa, vecinos of Alameda. She may be the person born on February 16, 1780 at Sandia.     (763-31)

On February 21, 1781, Juan Rael, parvulo, son of Francisco Antonio, meztizo, vecinos of Alameda.

On February 25, 1781, Juan Francisco, parvulo, son of Manuel Gonzales and Torivia Armijo, parishioners of this church, vecinos of Corrales.

On February 25, 1781, Miguel Santiago, parvulo, son of Bernardo de Luna and Catalina Lucero, vecinos of of Alameda.

On February 26, 1781, Maria Jpha, donzella, daughter of Guadalupe Martin, widow, vecinos of Alameda. (764-32)

Here ends February 1781 burials documented at Sandia Mission.

References:  AASF Reel #36, Sandia Mission

©Henrietta M. Christmas

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sandia Burials ~ February 10-17, 1781

These records don't mention it, but smallpox could have been why so many died during this time period. 

On February, 10, 1781, Simon, parvulo, son of Mariano Perea, from Bernalillo.

On February 10, 1781, Jph Cartelu, son of Jph Antonio Cartelu, deceased and Maria de la O Montaño, vecinos of Alameda.

On February 10, 1781, Feliciana Aragon, single, coyota, and servant of Getrudes Aragon, vezinos of Corrales.

On February 10, 1781, Maria Ygnacia, parvula, daughter of Alfin Martinez and Ciena Gonzales, vezinos of Corrales.

On February 10, 1781, Maria Micaela, parvula, Indian of Juan Antonio Rael, vezinos of Alameda.

On February 10, 1781, Miguel Montoya, single  son of Jph Montoya, widower, vezino of Corrales.

On February 12, 1781, Jph Cordova, widower, married to Barvara Martinez, of Corrales.

On February 12, 1781, Juan Jph, parvulo, son of Juan Antonio Balenzuela and Maria Ortega, vezinos  of Corrales.

On February 13, 1781, Maria Antonia, doncella, daughter of Santiago Garcia and Maria Sanchez, vecinos of  Alameda.  (761)

On February 13, 1781, Jph Maria Gonzales, he was married to Maria Chavez, vecinos of Alameda.

On Febryary 13, 1781, Ana Maria Garcia, widow of Bernardo Cordoba, vezina of Alameda.

On February 13, 1781, Pedro Cordoba, single, son of Francisco Cordoba and Maria Zedillo, vezinos of Alameda.

On February 13, 1781, Maria Petrona, parvula, daughter of Matheo Coca and Antonia Gonzales, vezinos of Alameda.

On February 13, 1781, Juan, parvulo, natural de Damiano, single, and Getrudis Cartelu, vezina  of Alameda.

On February 13, 1781, Maria Manuela, parvula daughter of Sangil Montoya and Maria Zipriana Cordoba, vezinos of Alameda.

On February 15, 1781, Rosa Gonzales, married to Francisco Rael, meztizos, vecina of Alameda.

On February 17, 1781, Salvador Martinez, single, criado of Antono Jph Trujillo, vecinos of Alameda. (762-30)

References:  AASF Reel #36, Sandia Mission

©Henrietta M. Christmas

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sandia Burials ~ February 1-10, 1781

On February 1, 1781, Maria de la Encarnacion, parvula, daughter of Juan Antonio Balanzuela, vecinos from Corrales.

On February 2, 1781, Veronica, parvula, daughter of Juan Antonio Balenzuela, vecinos from Corrales.

On February 3, 1781, Barvara Martinez, who died at Corrales on the 2nd, she was married to Jph Cordoba, she died suddenly.

On February 4, 1781, Pablo Gonzalez, single vecino of Alameda.

On February 4, 1781, Juan Andres, parvulo, son of Juan Antonio Balenzuela, vecino of Corrales and parishioners of this jurisdiction.

On February 5, 1781, Maria Soledad, doncella, daughter of Juan Garcia, vecino of Alameda and parishioners of this jurisdiction.

On February 5, 1781, Maria Guadalupe, parvula daughter of Antonio Cordoba, vecino of Alameda. (758)

On February, 6, 1781, Bernardo Cordoba, married to Ana Maria de Garcia, vecinos of Alameda.

On February 6, 1781, Juan Baptista, parvulo, son of Facundo Gonzales, vecinos of Corrales.

On February 6, 1781, Alexandro Garcia, single, from Alameda.

On February 6, 1781, Feliz Martinez, married to Maria Rutila Salazar, he died at  Corrales and were parishioners of this parish.

On February 7, 1781, Maria Petrona, parvula, daughter of Juan Luys Garcia, vecino of Alameda.

On February 7, 1781, Pedro Rael, single, and he died at the house of Julian Rael. (759)

On February 7, 1781, Salvador Manuel Gonzales, parvulo, son of Gregorio Gonzales, vecino of Corrales.

On February 7, 1781, Maria Getrudis, parvula daughter of Jph Chaves and of Ana Maria Aragon, vecinos of Corrales.

On February 7, 1781, Jph Maria, parvulo, son of Encarnacion Rael and Rosa, mestizos, vecinos of Alameda.

On February 7, 1781, Jose, son of Jph Montoya and Biviana Fernandez, parvulo, vecinos of Corrales.

On February 8, 1781, Maria Dolores Cordova, doncella, daughter of Antonio Cordova and Alfonsa Zedillo, vecinos of Alameda

On February 8, 1781, Juan Esteban, single, son of Francisco Cordova, deceased and Maria Zedillo, vecinos of Alameda.

On February 10, 1781, Pedro Trujillo, single, son of Vizente Trujillo, mestizo, he died at the pueblo.  (760)

References:  AASF Film # 36, Sandia Mission

©Henrietta M. Christmas

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Santo Domingo Marriages, 1791

At Santo Domingo Mission, on December 27, 1791, Luis Martin, single, resident of Vasquez and parishioner of this jurisdiction, legitimate son of Joachin Martin and Gertrudis Quintana, both deceased and residents of Santa Fe with Maria Monica Crespin, single legitimate daughter of Jose de La Cruz Crespin and Antonia Gertrudis Rael, residents of Vasquez and parishioners of this jurisdiction.  Witnesses:  Lorenzo Marquez and his wife Juana Valdes.  (29:1251)

At Santo Domingo Mission, on May 6, 1792, Juan de Jesus Mares, single legitimate son of Lorenzo Mares and Gonzaga Rodriguez, deceased with Maria Ysabel Apodaca, single legitimate daughter of Jose Apodaca, deceased and Juana Valdez.  Witnesses:  Francisco Mares of Santa Fe and his wife, Juana Victoria Varela. (29:1254)

On May 15, 1792, veiled Luiz Martin and his wife Maria Monica Crespin.  (29:1254)

On August 23, 1802 at Santo Domingo, I married and veiled, Juan Maria Griego (vecino) español, single legitimate son of Jose Antonio Griego (deceased) and Maria Rosa Montaño, vecinos of Peña Blanca with Maria Guadalupe Garduño, española legitimate daughter of Cristobal Garduño and Maria Ygnacia Trujillo, deceased, vecinos of said place.  Witnesses:  Jose Crespin, Luis Martin, Joaquin Gaona and Vicente Crespin.  (29:1289)

References:  Santo Domingo Mission Church Records, AASF Roll #29

©Henrietta M. Christmas

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Santo Domingo Burials

On March 26, 1780, Juana Maria, daughter of Christoval Garduño and Maria Ygnacia Truxillo, she died on the 25th.  She was born on February 25, 1780.

On May 11, 1780, Juan Jose Rodriguez, married with Antonia Dionisia Dominguez from the villa of Santa Fe, she died on the 10th.

On December 16, 1780, Maria Rafaela, one year old, daughter of Francisco Xavier Angel and Maria Manuela Nieto, vecinos from the villa of Santa Fe, de color quebrado.  This couple married at Santo Domingo on April 10, 1777 and I have nine known children for them.

On January 1, 1781, Francisco Padilla, de color quebrado, married with Margarita Tenorio, he died on the 31 of December.

On February 1, 1781, Juan Andres, son of Vicente Trugillo and Pasquala Varela, deceased, vecinos of Rancho de Jose Miguel de la Peña.

On February 3, 1781, Bartholo, parvulo, 6 years old, son of Maria Roibal, deceased and Geronimo Tafoya, genizaros.

Reference:  AASF Roll #17004, Santo Domingo Burials
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jemez Burials, 1770-1771

These burials from Jemez Mission hopefully will have Montoya records I'm looking for.  Unfortunately, I didn't find any other records that might be of help to anyone either.  They are beautiful to look at especially at the beginning.  The scribe or priest drew some lovely trees and his calligraphy is magnificent.  

On August 6, 1770, Joseph Miguel Lucero, vecino of Nacimiento.

On August 25, 1770, Marta Salazar, wife of Juan Ygnacio Romero, vecino of Nacimiento. (90)  This Juan Ygnacio Romero might possibly be the son of Jose Romero and Manuela Luna, need to check into this further.

On December 20, 1770, Francisca Martin wife of Salvador Vegil, vecinos of Santa Cruz de la Cañada, española. (91)  This couple married in Santa Cruz de la Cañada on June 2, 1751.

 On February 22, 1771, Antonio Romero, died, vecino of Nacimiento, margin says he was married to Antonia Cerda.  She died at San Juan de los Caballeros on June 23, 1781.

On March 10, 1771, Manuela de Luna, wife of Joseph Romero in margin. He is the son of Baltasar Romero and Francisca Gongora, more than likely related to the above Juan Ygnacio Romero who would be his nephew.

On April 26, 1771, Francisco Giron died, margin notes he was married to Juana Aragon. (92)  Francisco was born in May 1732 at Santa Cruz de la Cañada to Vicente Gabriel Jiron and Lugarda Salazar. 

Reference:  AASF Roll #36, Frames 2-97

©Henrietta M. Christmas

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Sandia Burials 1781

Let's keep going here with these, maybe someone else can use this information.  Burial records can generally bring closure to the family group, as many people remarried, it helps with the timeline.  These burials are all from Sandia Mission and include people from Alameda, Bernalillo, Corrales and the Pueblo.

Barvara Gallegos, January 7, 1781, married to Bernardo Sanchez, vecinos of Bernalillo, signed the 6th.

Bernardo Balverde, January 7, 1781, single, from this jurisdiction, he died on the 6th.

Maria Gallego, January 7, 1781, married to Juan Diego Romero, vecinos from Bernalillo, buried on the 8th.

Maria Paula Sanchez, January 12, 1781, age 11, vecina from Bernalillo (753)

Maria Antonia, January 12, 1781, parvula, 5 years old, she died in Bernalillo in the house of Juan Roque Gallegos, on the 11th. 

Pasqual Garcia, January 13, 1781, married to Getrudis Gonzales, buried the 14th at Sandia Church.

Maria Antonia, parvula, January 14, 1781, daughter of Jph Mariano Gallego, vecinos of Bernalillo.

Maria Margarita Garcia, January 16, 1781, married to Pedro Gallego, vecina of Bernalillo.

Juan Domingo Nieto, January 16, 1781, single, vecino from Bernalillo, buried on the 17th. (754)

Maria Loreta Gonzales, January 18 1781, married to Mariano Perea, vecinos of Bernalillo.

Maria Antonia, January 18, 1781, Indian servant of Julian Gallego, vecinos of Bernalillo; she was 10 years old.

Jacoba Michaela, January 19, 1781, parvula, daughter of Jph Manuel Belarde, vecinos from Bernalillo.

Maria Teresa Valverde, January 19, 1781, married to Antonio Sedio, vecinos of Bernalillo.

Maria Dolores Madrid, January 20, 1781, married to Jph Mariano Gallego, vecinos of Bernalillo.

Maria Getrudis Balverde, January 20, 1781, parvula.   (755)

Maria Agustina Ortega, January 22, 1781, married to Pedro Balverde, from Corrales.

Luys Garcia de Noriega, January 21, 1781, married to Antonia Xaramillo, he died at Alameda, where he received the last sacraments.

Viviana, January 22, 1781, doncella, 9 years old, she died at Alameda suddenly and was 21 years old.

 Maria Guadalupe, January 25, 1781, Indian servant of Jacinto Gutierrez, she died in Bernalillo on the 24th.

Antonio Thomas Manuel, January 25, 1781, parvulo, son of Mariano Perea, vecinos from Bernalillo.

Maria Rosa, January 26, 1781, single, Indian servant of Mariano Varela, vecinos from Bernalillo. (756)

Santiago Gallego, January 26, parvulo, he died at Bernalillo.

Maria Manuela, January 28, 1781, parvula, daughter of Bentura Salazar, vecinos from Bernalillo.

 Juan Lorenzo Antonio, January 28, 1781, parvulo, son of Pedro Asencio Perea, vecinos from Bernalillo.

Maria Manuela de la Cruz, January 28, 1781, parvula, mestiza, in the house of Mariano Varela, vecinos from Bernalillo.

Maria Dolores Gonzales, January 28, 1781, doncella, daughter of Gaspar Gonzales, vecinos from Alameda. 

Salvador Blas Nepomuceno, January 30, 1781, parvulo, son of Jph Armijo, parishioners of this jurisdiction, he died at Alameda.

Maria Antonia, January 30, 1781, adult from the Comanche Nation, of Pedro Gallego, vecinos from Bernalillo.  Margin says she was purchased. (757)

Jph Mariano Gallego, January 30, 1781, widower of Ana Maria Dolores Madrid, vecinos from Bernalillo. (758)

References:  AASF, 36, Sandia Mission Burials, 1771-1829
Henrietta M. Christmas

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sandia Burials 1772-1780

I was hoping that a whole bunch of people I am looking for would show up here, so far it isn't working out.  But it is nice to share information.

Bentura Olguin, May 22, 1771 married to Ysabel Candelaria, buried in the Sandia Church.

Salvador Manuel Armijo, February 13, 1773, buried at Sandia on February 14. (740)

Joseph Bibian, March 26, 1773, parbulo, legitimate son of Felis Martin and Maria Teresa de Salazar.

Antonio Domingo Archiveque, October 7, 1773, married to Prudencia Gomez del Castillo, buried in the Sandia Church, signed the 8th. (741)

Rosa Miranda, January 7, 1774, married to Xavier Gutierrez, buried at the Sandia church, signed on the 8th.

don Carlos Mirabal, June 22, 1774, who died suddenly, buried in the church of Sandia, signed the 23rd.

Antonio Nieto, December 7, 1774, married to Maria Antonia Gonzales, buried in the church. (742)

Cathalina Padilla, December 26, 1774, collota, widow of Manuel Garcia, buried in the church.

Lazaro Garcia, March 3, 1775, who died at the hands of the Comanche, married to Barbara Olguin, buried in the church and signed on the 5th.  (743)

Christoval Montoya, December 25, 1779, widower, buried on the 27th in the church. (746)

Salvador Gonzales, June 25, 1780, single, signed 26th, buried in the church.

Bernardo Duran y Chavez, June 29, 1780, widower, buried in the church. (748)

Barvara Miranda, July 14, 1780, mestiza, married to Joseph Montoya. (749)

Joseph Gonzales, August 17, 1780, resident of Alameda married to Manuela Estefana Truxillo, Alameda.

Getrudis Zena, June 5, 1780, widow, 90 years old from Alameda.

Joseph Aquino Pio, parvulo, October 8, 1780, 3 months old, son of Francisco Armijo and Catalina Martinez, coyotes.

Phelope Varela, October 9, 1780, married from Bernalillo.

Blas Garcia, November 17, 1780, married to Antonia Gongora, vecinos of Alameda, buried on the 18th at Sandia Church.

Maria Josefa de los Dolores, November 1, 1780, married to Miguel Tenorio from Alameda. (750)

Andrea Quiteria Garcia de Noriega, December 1, 1780, married to Toribio Chavez, buried on the 2nd at Sandia Church from Alameda.

Manuela Contreras, December 7, 1780, widow.

Diego Torres, December 15, 1780, 8 years old, son of Manuel Torres, vecinos of Alameda.  (751)

Francisco Cordoba, December 15, 1780, married to Maria Zedillo, vecinos of Alameda, buried on the 17th.

Joseph Garcia de Noriega, December 22, 1780, vecinos of Alameda, 70 years old, married to Ana de Luna, buried on the 23rd in the church.

Joseph Salazar, December 22, 1780, single, son of Cristobal Salazar, vecinos of Alameda, buried the 23rd at the church.

Juan Domingo Gomez, December 24, 1780, vecino of Bernalillo, married to Rosa Muñis, buried on the 25th.

References:  AASF Sandia Burials, Roll #36 

Ⓒ 2012 Henrietta M. Christmas

Friday, July 6, 2012

1785 Pojoaque Burials June - December

On June 14, 1785, Maria Francisca was buried, Indian from the Nambe Pueblo, married to Juan Domingo Largo.

On June 18, 1785, Juan Rajar, widower and Indian of this pueblo was buried.

On June 19, 1785, Rosa was buried, single adult, Indian of the Nambe Pueblo, daughter of Francisco Gregorio, widower. (315)

On August 3, 1785, Juan Diego, widower of the Tesuque Pueblo was buried, married to Antonia.

On August 9, 1785, Agustin was buried, adult Indian of the Tesuque Pueblo.

On August 12, 1785, Maria Rafaela, parvula was buried, Indian of this Pueblo, daughter of Jose Trugillo and Marta.

On August 16, 1785, Maria Angela was buried, Indian of the Tesuque Pueblo, married with Juan Antonio.

On Agusut 20, 1785, Antonio Zuazo was buried, widower, Indian from Tesuque.

On August 21, 1785, Josefa, widow and Indian of Tesuque Pueblo.

On September 10, 1785, Maria de la Luz was buried, Indian from Tesuque Pueblo, widow of Francisco. (316)

On November 5, 1785, Quiteria was buried, adult Indian of this pueblo, daughter of Miguel and Josefa, deceased.

On November 20, 1785, Juan Manuel was buried, Indian of Tesuque Pueblo, married to Anna Maria.

On November 22, 1785, Fernando Griego, resident of this jurisdiction, married to Theodora Roibal.

On November 19, 1785, Maria Brigida was buried, parvula, Indian of Nambe Pueblo, daughter of Antonio and Casilda.

On November 23, 1785, Juan Diego was buried, Indian parvulo of this pueblo, son of Juan Xptobal and Juana Maria.

On December 14, 1785, Francisco Gregorio was buried, widower, Indian of Nambe Pueblo.

On December 25, 1785, Maria was buried, Indian of Nambe Pueblo, daughter of Marcelino and Francisca. (317)

On December 29, 1785, Juan Thomas was buried, Indian of Tesuque Pueblo, married with Micaela. (318)

Reference:  AASF, Reel #37 

Ⓒ 2012 Henrietta M. Christmas

Thursday, July 5, 2012

1785 Pojoaque Burials January - May

On March 30, 1785, Luissa, widow, Indian of the pueblo.

On April 3, 1785, Maria Guadalupe Cordova was buried, married to Juan Antonio Mirabal, resident of Rio Tesuque.  (312)

On April 5, 1785, Jose Agustin was buried, parvulo, of the pueblo and son of Juan Jose and Maria Antonia.

On April 10, 1785, Maria Rosa Atencio was buried, married to Francisco Tenorio, residents of this jurisdiction.

On April 11, 1785, Fernando was buried, adult Indian from the pueblo of Tesuque, widower of Rosalia.

On April 11, 1785, Juan Jose was buried, parvulo, español, son of Juan Esteban Gomez nee Castillo and Maria Matheana Sanchez, residents of this jurisdiction.

On April 12, 1785, Josefa Encarnacion was buried, parvula, española, daugther of Francisco Tenorio and Maria Rosa Atencio, deceased.

On April 15, 1785, Juan Antonio Mirabal was buried, resident of Rio de Tesuque, married to Maria Guadalupe Cordova, deceased.

On April 15, 1785, Jose Ramon, parvulo, resident of Rio Tesuque, son of Juan Apodaca and Margarita Gimenez.

On April 17, 1785, A Comanche Indian of about 10 years old, criado of Marcos Lucero, did not receive the sacraments.  (313)

On April 18, 1785, Juana Martin was buried, Indian, single adult, criada of Vicente Gimenez at Rio de Tesuque.

On April 20, 1785, Gertrudis was buried, adult Indian, criada of Nicolasa Trujillo, widow.

On April 21, 1785, Ramon Antonio was buried, resident, parvulo son of Juan Xptobal Archuleta and Josefa Gallego.

On April 23, 1785, Felix was buried, parvulo, resident of Rio de Tesuque, son of Jose Antonio Esquivel and Sebastiana.

On May 5, 1785, Francisco was buried, Indian of the Pueblo of Tesuque, married with Maria de la Lus.

On May 20, 1785, Maria Rita, parvula, daughter of unknown parents.

On May 27, 1785, Xptobal Trujillo, resident from here, married to Lugarda Gomez del Castillo.  (314)

On May 29, 1785, Maria Lugarda Gomez del Castillo, resident from this jurisdiction, was married to Xptoval Trujillo already deceased.

On May 15, 1785, Juan Manuel Mestas, resident of this jurisdiction, married to Manuela Griego. (315)

References:  AASF Reel #37 

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Nambe Baptisms 1795-1804

At Nambe, Juana Maria Romero was baptized on May 27, 1795, five days old, daughter of Manuel Romero and Paula Valdez, pad/ Jose Miguel Trugillo and his wife, Magdalena Rivera, parishioners of this parish. [AASF #6, frame 69]

On July  1795, baptized Jose Rafael, legitimate son of Manuel Marquez and Maria Paula Valdes, residents of this jurisdiction; padrino was Jose Francisco Truxillo. [AASF #6, frame 76]

On March 27, 1799, baptized Maria de la Encarnacion Romero, legitimate daughter of Manuel Romero and Maria Paubla Baldes, godfather was Antonio Quintana. [AASF #8, frame 73]

On January 20, 1804, baptized a three day old child named Maria Ygnacia, daughter of Manuel Marques and Maria Paula Baldes, of this parish, pad/ Rafael Martin and Maria Sisneros. [AASF #8, frame 81] 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Santa Fe Presidio Soldiers Donate to the American Revolution

On June 21, 1779, Carlos II, King of Spain issued a decree opening declaring as his enemy the King of Great Britain and their subjects.  This declaration set forth what would become the support of the American colonies by Spain and its American realm.  For New Mexico, this meant a donativo made by Spanish citizens capable of giving at least two pesos and Indian citizens who gave one peso.

Over the last 20 years or so, the Daughters of the American Revolution have researched and members conducted a more formal documentation of the donativo that was made by individuals of the Spanish Americas.  This means that all presidio soldiers during specific dates qualify for recognition not only by the DAR but also the Sons of the American Revolution or SAR. 

It was acknowledged that 3,677 pesos were collected from New Mexico, broken down it was 3,533 pesos and 3 reales in cash plus 133 pesos and 5 reales in form of grain; 247 pesos collected from the presidio soldiers. 

The DAR recognizes 122 soldiers and the SAR 186 soldiers as their qualifying times vary, one priest and the alcalde mayores of the villas throughout New Mexico. 

If you have done research and know that one of your ancestors qualifies for recognition, consider one of the two named organizations and submit your application.  The easiest way is to contact a local chapter in your area.  Although, not all chapters are aware of the Santa Fe Presidio Soldiers, this process will help them become more educated and it will also honor your ancestor who served during the time that the United States Declared their Independence.

Happy July 4, 2012!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Santo Domingo Marriages June 1849 - January 1853

Well now that I've gotten this far, I'm not on the correct film, as I write this reminder to myself; check San Felipe or Cochiti for possible marriages.

On June 29, 1849, married Juan Calabasa, single son of Eusebio Calabasa and Maria Josefa Lobato with Maria Guadalupe Pacheco, single daughter of Jose Miguel Pacheco and Maria Rosa Baca, residents and natives of the pueblo. (54)

On August 22, 1849, married Juan Ygnacio Coris widower of Maria Ascencion Montoya with Maria Figenia Crespin, widow of Diego Calabasa, natives of the pueblo.

On August 29, 1849, married Juan Pedro Garcia widower of Catalina with Maria Ygnes Benabides, single daughter of Bautista Benabides and Maria Encarnacion Aguilar, natives of the pueblo.

On November 30, 1849, married Santiago Atencio widowed of Maria Coris with Maria Niebes Aguilar, widow of Santiago Nieto, natives of the pueblo. (55)

On December 8, 1849, married Anselmo Nieto, son of Juan Antono Nieto and Maria Baca with Maria Salome Marques single daughter of Jose Cruz Marques, natives of the pueblo.

On December 16, 1849, married Juan Baca, single legitimate son of Prudencio Baca and Maria Manuela Peña with Maria Quirina Lucero single daughter of Manuel Lucero and Guadalupe Martines, from Peña Blanca.

On December 17, 1849, married Pedro Alcantra Archiveque legitimate son of Romualdo Archiveque and Maria Encarnacion Montoya from Algodones with Maria Apolonia Baca daughter of Jose Baca and Maria Dolores Gonzales, from Peña Blanca.

On January 4, 1850, married Felipe de Jesus Sandobal single son of Vicente Sandobal and Maria Rita Baca with Maria Martina Lucero, single daughter of Antonio Lucero and Maria Antoia Montoya, from Peña Blanca.  (55, 59)

On February 28, 1850, married Teodoro Montoya, single son of Antonio Montoya and Maria Florentina Ortis from Algodones with Maria Martina Baca, single daughter of Miguel Baca and Dolores Sanchez, from Peña Blanca.

On March 6, 1850, married Eucebio Calabasa, native of the pueblo, widower of Maria Josefa Pacheco with Maria Rita Chaves, widow of Ysidro Aguilar.

On May 24, 1850, married Luis Maria Benavides widower of Maria Francisca Abeita with Maria Dolores Lucero, single daughter of Cristobal Lucero and Maria Refugio Romero. (60)

On January 3, 1853, married Domingo Garcia, son of Jose Pablo Garcia and Maria Manuela Sanchez with Maria Cicilia Crespina single legitimate daughter of Domingo Crespin and Maria Carmel Montoya from Peña Blanca. (66)

Reference:  AASF Film # 32 

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1784 Pojoaque Burials

A continuation of the burials as I go through them, appear to be missing more records.  I'm wondering if some of these people aren't in the burial records for San Ildefonso or possibly Nambe.

On February 8, 1784, Ygnacio was buried, Indian and Governor of the Pueblo married to Ygnasia.

On March 29, 1784, Pedro Antonio Roybal, (married to Ysabel Pacheco) residents.  [His brother married an Ygnacia Pacheco, they are possibly sisters, but I haven't found parents for this Ysabel Pacheco, nor a marriage record.  He is the son of Mateo Roybal and Gregoria Baca]

On April 10, 1784, Geronimo was buried, widower of this pueblo.

On May 3, 1784, Maria Eugenia was buried, she was from the pueblo, single, adult, legitimate daughter of Geronimo and Juana, deceased.

On May 11, 1784, Jose Romero, espanol, resident of Cuyamunge, married to Nicolasa Trugillo.  (311-32)

On September 7, 1784, Ysidora was buried, parvula, legitimate daughter of Paulin Espinosa and Maria Ysavel Archuleta, residents of this jurisdiction. [Ysabel is the daughter of Hilario Archuleta from Cuyamungue and likely why they are living in the Pojoaque area]

On December 5, 1784, Rosalia was buried, adult wife of Fernandes, Indian.

On December 30, 1784, Julian Duran was buried, adult single resident and legitimate son of Gregorio Duran and Maria Concepcion Cisneros. (312-32)

Reference:  AASF #32

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lincoln County Marriages 1901-1913

This is just a piece of paper I have, with some names of marriages in a list, no parents or witnesses.  In fact, when I was looking at the Lincoln / Carrizozo marriages, that film has huge amounts of information that if someone is from that area, they should take the time to really study the film, all the priest entries in the middle and notations have some good family information.

Page 180

Cruz Zamora married 11/ 9  1908 with Abelin Lujan.

5/18  1901  Beatriz Romero married Abecor Gonzales.

10/23 1909  Manuela Otero married Doroteo Tafoya.

11/6  1909  Eloya Maranda with Charles Young.

2/28  1910  Pitolino Sanchez married with Barbarita Torres.

5/5  1909  Eulalia Sanchez married with Alberto Ruiz.

7/10  1911  Marcelo Herrera married with Conferina Sanchez.

7/12 1911  Reymunda Silva married with Gregorio Pino.

9/30  1911  Rocindo Padilla married with Dolores Romero.

12/2  1911  George Kimbel married with Sara Silva?

10/9 1912  Apolonia Benavides married with Fidel Trujillo.

8/4  1913  Isidro Chavez married with Paulita Sanchez.

8/10  1913  Rosa Moya married with Juan Miguel Mireles.

11/26  1913  Alejandro Zamora married with Francisca Padilla.

References:  Lincoln County Marriages aka Carrizozo, AASF Film #16756.

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