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Santo Domingo Marriages 1771-1848

I'm actually working on some lands grants in the Santo Domingo area of New Mexico and just trying to piece together some of the families that lived there, it has been rough going.  Many records are missing and they all have the same names.  But I found some records that I don't think have been published elsewhere and if so, well here they are again.

On April 15, 1771, at Santo Domingo, Juan Antonio Valdes and Maria Andrea Chabes, españoles, wit/ Manuel Gallego and Gertrudes Thenorio Alba y Corona.   [32:3]

On June 26, 1775, Catharina Aranda y Saabedra and Juan Blas Duran y Chaves, wit/ Antonio Nerio and doña Graciana Beytia.  [32:29]

On February 27, 1846, Jose Manuel Montaño single son of Rafael Montaño and Maria Candelaria Lucero with Maria Andrea Abelina Apodaca, daughter of  Juan Angel Apodaca and Maria Guadalupe Martines, from Peña Blanca. [32:39]

On May 4, 1846, Juan Francisco Teodora Garcia, widowed of Maria Getrudis Valverde with Maria Margarita Varela, daughter of Bernardo Varela and Maria Manuela Apodaca, from Peña Blanca. [32:40]

On May 29, 1846, Antonio Sandobal, son of Ramon Sandobal and Maria Antonia Trujillo, with Cornelia Salas, single daughter of Miguel Antonio Salas and Maria Guadalupe Hurtado, from Jemez. [32:40]

 On September 12, 1846, Jesus Maria Giron, single son of Jose Dimas Giron and Maria Concepcion Gutierres, with Maria Cristina Montoya, daughter of Bautista Montoya and Maria Soledad Gonzales from La Bajada.  [32:41]

On October 3, 1846, Juan Baca, domestic of the deceased don Juan Antonio Cavesa de Baca with Maria Quiteria daughter of Vicente Lopez and Maria Miquela Montaño.  [32;41]

On October 8, 1846, Jose Francisco Angel, son of Manuel Angel and Maria Gregoria Armijo with Maria Antonia Rafaela Trujillo, single daughter of Nicolas Trujillo and Maria Ramona Herrera, from Peña Blanca. [32:41-42]

On February 17, 1847, Jesus Maria Baca, son of Jose Baca and Maria Dolores Gonzales with Maria Ygnes Baca, daugther of don Jesus Baca an doña Refugio Rodrigues.  [32:43-44]

On January 28, 1848, Juan de Jesus Garcia, single son of Pablo Garcia and Maria Manuela Sanchez with Maria Petra Martines, single daughter of Geronimo Martines and Getrudes Garcia, from Peña Blanca. [32:48]

On March 2, 1848, Jose Ramon Domingues son of Santiago Domingues and Maria de la Luz Sanchez, deceased with Maria Rita Herrera, daughter of Pedro Herrera and Maria de la Luz Sandoval?, from Peña Blanca.  [32:49]

On June 8, 1848, Visente Armijo, single son of Manuel Armijo and Soledad Aragon from Balencia with Maria Ysabel Silba, single daughter of don Jesus Maria Silba and doña Maria Baca, from Peña Blanca. [32:50]

On August 17, 1848, Matias Sanchez, single son of Ramon Sanchez and Maria del Carmel Trujillo, from Sile, with Maria Josefa lopes, single daughter of Juan Lopez and Maria Tomasa Flores, from Peña Blanca.  [32:50]

On September 17, 1848, Miguel Benavides, widower of Maria Esquipula Gonzales, son of Mariano Benavides and Gertrudis Montoya with Maria Francisca Crespin, single, daughter of Diego Crespin and Petra Sandobal from Peña Blanca. [32:51]

On September 28, 1848, Pedro Sandobal from la Bajada, son of Pedro Sandobal and Maria Soledad Gonzales with Maria del Socorro Crespin, single daughter of Vicente Crespin and Maria de los Santos Sanches. [32:51]

On October 7, 1848, Antono Garcia, single son of Jose Francisco Garcia and Maria Encarnacion Lobato with Maria de los Angles, single daughter of Juan ? and Maria Rosa Pacheco. [32:51]

On October 14, 1848, Vitor Baca, single son of Antonio Baca and Maria Trinidad Silba, both deceased with Maria Petronila Leiva, daughter of Simon Leiva deceased and Maria Andrea Paula, from Peña Blanca. [32:52]

On November 3, 1848, Juan Jose Martin, single son of Juan Cruz Martin deceased and Maria Rosa Coca with Maria Nacarena Esquibel, single daughter of Jose Hilario Esquibel and Maria Sanches, residents of the pueblo. [32:52]

On November 4, 1848, Jose Hilario Lopes single son of Vicente Loppes and Miquela Montaño with Maria Antonia Roibal, daughter of Juan de Jesus Roibal and Maria Josefa Leiva, from Peña Blanca. [32:52]

On November 21, 1848, Trinidad Baca, single son of Luis Baca and Ysabel Lopes with Maria Alvina Montoya, single daughter of Jose Ygnacio Montoya and Anamaria Gallego, from Peña Blanca. [32:53]

References:  AASF #32, Santo Domingo, New Mexico Marriages

Ⓒ 2012 Henrietta M. Christmas

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