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Pojoaque Burials August 1779 - February 1780

On August 23, 1779, buried Maria de la Luz, eight months old and daughter of unknown.

On October 17, 1779, buried Josef Antonio, single, Indian from El Paso, 26 years old.

On December 14, 1779, Maria Guadalupe was buried, 10 months old, daughter of Tomas and Maria, Indians of this mission. (Pg. 2, frame 288)

On January 7, 1780, buried Clemente, seven months old, legitimate son of Antonio Cordova and Rosalia Romero, españoles of this jurisdiction.

On February 17, 1780, buried Silbestre, seven months old, son of unknown parents.  Margin mentions he was a resident.

On February 25, 1780, buried Maria Rosalia Romero, española, 22 years old and married to Antonio Cordova, resident.  (289-9)

She must have died from childbirth when her son Clemente died on January 7, see above.  They were married on February 9, 1779 in Pojoaque, see my blog post of  Friday, December 16, 2011.  They were barely married a year before she died.

On March 22, 1780, Juan, a widower of 78 years, was buried.  an Indian from Pojoaque Pueblo.

On May 23, 1780 buried, Lazaro Duran, son of Miguel Duran and Josepha Luxan, españoles and residents of this jurisdiction.

On May 27, 1780, buried Maria Josepha Luxana, widow of Miguel Duran, españoles and residents of Pojoaque.  They were married November 23, 1738 and Miguel Duran had died on July 25, 1753, his burial is recorded at Nambe.

On May 27, 1780, buried, Joseph Manuel Chaves, single, son of Antonio Chaves and Rosa Ochi, Indians of said Pueblo. (Pg. 3, frame 210-10)

References:  AASF #37, Pojoaque Burials

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