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Pojoaque Burials 1779

On March 16, 1779, Ana Maria Duran died.  She was buried on the 17th of this month and is the legitimate daughter of Francisco Duran and Maria Lujan, españoles and residents of this jurisdiction.

This couple married May 27, 1736 at Nambe and named as Xavier Duran and Maria Lujan.  [Origins of New Mexico Families by Fray Angelico Chavez, 171]

On March 20, 1779, Maria Antonia died, an Indian of this pueblo of Pojoaque; married to Asencio and buried on the 21st.

On March 25, 1779, Dorotea died, Indian of this pueblo of Pojoaque; married to Ysidro and buried on the 26th. (286)

On April 12, 1779, Maria Antonia died, widow and Indian of this pueblo of Pojaoque; she was 78 years old.

On April 24, 1779, Maria Paula died age four months.  Legitimate daughter of Ynocencio and Maria Santana, Indians of this mission.

On May 15, 1779, Juana Maria died, she was more than five years old.  Legitimate daughter of Maria Antonia and father unknown, Indians of this Pueblo.  (287)

References:  AASF #37, Pojoaque Burials

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