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February 26, 1781 through December 1782, Pojoaque Burials

Sixth, Juan Domingo, parbulo,  son of Juan Fransisco Lueze (deceased), and Juana Chaguepoui, from the Pueblo.

On February, 26, 1781, First, Maria Antonia Romero, española, and resident of the villa of Santa fe, wife of Jose Manuel Vegil.

Second, Francisco Antonio, parbulo, son of Andres Mone and Concepsion Cecha, from the Pueblo.

Third, Juan Julian, parbulo, son of Antonio Attue and Rosalia Murga (deceased), all children of the Pueblo.

Fourth, Maria Relles, parbula, daughter of Joachin Achee and Nicolaza Queja (deceased), children of the Pueblo.

Fifth, Maria Manuela, parbula, daughter of Antonia Trugillo and unknown father, residents of La Mesilla, jurisdiction of San Yldefonso. (306-26)

On February 27, 1781, First, Maria Dolores, parbula, daughter of Tomaz Pobilluge, widower and children of the Pueblo.

Second, Jose Maria, parbulo, son of Juan Calletano Gonzalez and Quiteria Benavidez, residents of this said mission.

Third, Maria Josefa, parbula, daughter of Feliz Duran and Maria Lorenza Gonzalez, residents of this jurisdiction and the Pueblo of Pojoaque.

Fourth, Antonio, doctrinero, son of Eusevio Cimbe and Nicolaza Murga (deceased), from the Pueblo.

On March 5, 1781, Julian, doctrinero, son of Nicolaz Jaenche (deceased) and Juana Urichagua, from the Pueblo.  (307-27)

On March 31, 1781, Maria Antonia Olguin, widow of Francisco Xavier Mondragon, residents of Chimallo; she died in the home of Diego Duran, resident of this pueblo.

Not sure where all the 1782 burials are, nor the rest of 1781.  But should look at San Ildefonso or Nambe.

On December 10, 1782, Maria Francisca, from the Ute Nation, criada, of Bartolo Truxillo, she was 8 1/2 years old.  (308-28)

doctrinero(a) - means Franciscans ministering to non-Christians were often called “doctrineros,” meaning they were teachers of Christian doctrine.

References:  AASF #37, Pojoaque Burials

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