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February 1781 Pojoaque Burials

On February 5, 1781, Juan Cristobal was buried, he was five years and seven months old, son of Juan Chavez (deceased) and Antonia Teresa Cortes, españoles and residents of the villa of Santa Fe.

On February 8, 1781, at Pojoaque, Joachin Martin was buried, widower, Indian and criado of Francisco Martin.

On February 9, 1781, Juan Domingo Balverde was buried, single, (vago) he died suddenly and resident written in margin.  [vago is generally short for vagabond or slacker].

On February 9, 1781, at Pojoaque, Anna Maria was buried, parvula, daughter of Jose Manuel Vegil and Maria Antonia Romero, residents of the villa of Santa Fe. (frame 296-297-16)

On February 11, 1781, Josefa Pochaqua, wife of Miguel Clemo from the Pueblo.

On the same day, Juan Pedro Antonio was buried, doctrinero, son of Juan Manuel Taringua (deceased) and Maria Rosa Trugillo, children of the Pueblo.

On February 12, 1781, Jose Pablo was buried, parbulo, son of Joachin Poballege and Lorenza, his wife. (297-17)

On February 13, 1781, I wrote in this book of burials the death of Maria Petra, Indian criada of Tomas Sena, resident of Santa Fe, who buried her in said villa.  She was married in this Pueblo to Alfonso Zugua.

On February 14, 1781, Jose de Jesus was buried, parbulo, son of Santiago Hoccu and Juana Encarnacion Velasquez, children of the Pueblo.

On this same day year and month, Felipa de Jesus was buried, parbulo, daughter of Pasqual Julû and of Josefa Hoccu, children of the Pueblo of Pojaoque. (298-18)

doctrinero(a) - means Franciscans ministering to non-Christians were often called “doctrineros,” meaning they were teachers of Christian doctrine.

References:  AASF #37, Pojoaque Burials
Ⓒ 2012 Henrietta M. Christmas

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