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Catalina Griego, 1714 Land

I, Catalina Griego, widow of Diego Truxillo, and now the wife of Melchor de Herrera and my son, Antonio Truxillo, appear before your Excellency in the best form according to law and state:  That whereas the Castellan, Don Pedro Rodriguez de Cubero, in the year of 1701 made us a grant of a tract of land on the other side of the Chama River, as is more fully evident from the grant on the other side of this paper.  To which I refer and as possession of the same was not given to me or to my said husband and we did not settle the same as he was so near death, for these reasons the retired Sargeant Batolome Garduño, denounced  it during the office of the Senor Marques de la Panuela, who made him a new grant.  Although we did not know about it nor do we know whether he has settled or taken possession of the same during all this time; if the law, according to the royal ordinances, excludes the right to the land if they are not settled or possession taken of them immediately, then he is excluded and this, our grant, is valid.  Because it is prior to his (Garduño), and because the reason for not settling the same was that I was left a widow and my son was very young.

In consideration of which we ask and request Your Excellency to be pleased to revalidate said grant to Nicolas Valverde and to the Ensign, Salvador Santistevan, because they are very near relatives to me and my said son, to whom and to no other person it is our wish to yield our right to said lands, that by virtue thereof and of the new grant Your Excellency may be pleased to make them, they may settle and use them as their own.  I swear in due form of law, that this my petition is not made in malice and is necessary. 

Catalina Griego (rubric)
Antonio Trujillo (rubric)

Lands were given to Salvador Santistevan and Nicolas de Valverde, by don Ygancio Flores Mogollon (rubric)  Signed May 27, 1714.   The land was later turned over to them by the Alacalde Sebatian Martin, witnessing was Miguel de Quintana and Francisco 

Reference:  SANM I, Twitchell 926

Ⓒ 2012 Henrietta M. Christmas

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