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1811 Tesuque Families who Donated to the Penisular War

The Peninsular War was a military conflict between France and the allied powers of Spain, the United Kingdom, and Portugal for control of the Iberian Peninsula during the Napoleonic Wars. The war began when French and Spanish armies crossed Spain and invaded Portugal in 1807. Then, in 1808, France turned on its ally, Spain. The war lasted until the Sixth Coalition defeated Napoleon in 1814. (From

In Santa Fe a donativo or donation was collected in order to help fund the Peninsular War and there is a rather large list of the Santa Fe donors, but Tesuque is closer to where I'm working on right now and thought this list might help replace the fact that there is no census for 1811.  At the Pueblo de Tesuque de esta Alcalda (At Tesuque part of this Alcaldia).  Most of them donated one peso, a few two pesos and some just reales.

Governor Jose Francisco Herrera
Antonio Francisco Pata
Juan Domingo Cansabei
Juan Nepomuseno Lucero
Juan Domingo Vegil
Juan Manuel Martin
Francisco Cajon
Juan Lorenzo
Jose Sebastian
Diego Lucero
Francisco Herrera
Jose Vegil
Diego Lucas
Lorenzo marquez
Jose Pedro Marquez
Jose Archibeque
Nicolas Salazar
Jose Romero
Antonio Ortega
Juan Jose Sandobal
Eusebio Martin
Jose Manuel
Andres Gonzales
Jose Urioste
Manuel Butierres
Pablo Maese
Antonio Trujillo
Ramon Archuleta
Eusebio Jaramillo
Ramon Armijo
Pablo Armijo
Juan de Dios Lujan
Jose Cornelio
Juan Lucero
Diego Baca
Vicente Armijo
Juan Sandoval
Manuel Trujillo
Manuel Sandobal
Christobal Errera
Juan Domingo
Miguel Urioste
Salbador Tapia
Toribio Gallego
Jose Jaramillo
Diego Tapia
Antonio Flores
Rafael Romero
Santiago Apodaca
Jose Luero
Santiago Aragon
Francisco Luero
Jose Tapia
Nicolas Apodaca
Manuel Trujillo
Francisco Marquez
Jsoe Lucero
Juan Duran
Toribio Candelaria
Pablo Estrada
Luis Cordova
Jose Chaves
Juan Duran
Jose Espinoza
Jose Ulibarri
Juan Martin
Jose Ulibarri
Jose Trujillo
Jose Tenorio
Juan Mestas

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series II, Roll 16, Frames1038-1044

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