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Romero Valdez marriage San Ildefonso 1792

I'm redoing some genealogy in order to make sure I tied the correct person(s) to this family.  So in my usual manner, I am redoing the entire research and looking at original records which would be film in this case.  So first of all here is the puzzle.

Is Juana Gertrudes Romero a daughter of Jose Romero and Nicolasa Trujillo.  This couple has a child Getrudes who is baptized in Nambe in June 1741.  So is she the mother of Manuel Ricardo Maria Romero who is in the following record?  Right off, the answer would be no; WE need to find more information.

On May 2, 1792, at San Ildefonso, married and veiled, Manuel Ricardo Maria Romero, son of unknown father and Juana Gertrudes Romero, with Maria Paula Valdes, natural and legitimate daughter of Juan Domingo Valdes and and Andrea Lucero, all from Cuyamungue.  Witnesses:  Juan Domingo Gomez and Nicolas Gomez. [San Ildefonso, Reel 29, Frame 93]

So if Manuel is born between the ages of 18-21; this would make Juana Getrudes' age somewhere in her early 30's.  Is this possible? 

Additional record name a Getrudes Romero in Pojoaque.  One is dated August 1822, we find a Getrudes Romero as a grandparent to a child named Jose Ramon Mestas born to Ysidro Mestas and Maria de Jesus Romero; would this Maria de Jesus be a sister to Manuel Ricardo? At this point, need to do further research to ascertain who she might be related to.

Another record is dated September 1783, a Maria Getrudes Romero married to Jose Antonio Gonzales, baptizing a child named Maria Rosa.

Follow Up:
  1. At this point we need to further look into the children of Manuel Romero and Paula Valdes.
  2. Find the family of Maria de Jesus Romero who marred Ysidro Mestas; see if there is any compadrazgo. 
  3. Is the Getrudes Romero married to Antonio Gonzales a viable family to research?
  4. Look at burial records in order to see if Juana Getrudes is listed anywhere?

References:  AASF, Reel 29, frame 93; New Mexico Baptisms, Nambe 1707-1837 and Pojoaque 1779-1839 published by NMGS. 

Ⓒ 2012 Henrietta M. Christmas


  1. Similar thoughts have entered my mind but recently I have been looking for possible Marquez connections with the same idea in mind. I will now include Mestas in my radar. I will say that my Father Juan Jose had close ties to Mestas and Archuletas in San Juan. I even vaguely remember spending summer weekends sleeping in one or the others barns. How I wish I could go back to those days.

    1. It was Santa Cruz not San Juan were we visited often but there also a Archuleta family in San Juan that my father would refer to as family. It is getting to be through all my findings that there is no one in Rio Arriba that I am not related to.

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    1. Following-up on your first two points (re Manuel Marquez). There was one child that you left out, whose baptism record follows. Note that he also uses the Marquez name on this record.

      María Alvina, vecina - In this parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Pujuaque on March 20 of 1800 I solemnly baptized a child whom I named María Alvina daughter of José Manuel Márquez and María Paula Valdez her godparents were Mariano Trujillo and Andrea Lucero whom I advised of their obligation and kinship and for the record I signed it, ut supra = Fray Diego Martinez

      Also, Maria de Jesus Romero and Isidro de Jesus Mestas are my direct ancestors and I do believe that she was the daughter of Juana Getrudis Romero. I also believe she had at least two other children – all who used the surname Romero. Anyway, I believe this is Maria de Jesus Romero’s baptism record:

      Maria de Jesus, vecina – On the twenty-ninth day of November of the year 1782, I, Fray Jose Burgos, Minister of doctrine of the Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Pojoaque, solemnly baptized a girl who was born yesterday daughter of Gertruis, whose father is unknown, whom I named Maria de Jesús, her godfather was Miguel Salazar, whom I advised of his spiritual kinship, and for the record I signed it = Fr Jose Burgos

      Note: Padrino Miguel Salazar married Maria Antonia Romero who might also be Juana Gertrudis’ daughter. Their first child was named Juana Gertrudis Salazar.