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Pojoaque 1801-1802 ~ Muños, Archuleta, Salazar, Romero, Gonzales, Gallegos

On May 20, 1801, married Juan Antonio Muños, single, son of Juan Luis Muños and Maria Teresa Gimenez, residents of Rio de Tesuque, with Maria de la Luz Archuleta, widow of Juan Bautista Romero, daughter of Luciano Archuleta, deceased and Maria Garcia, padrinos: Jose Maria Romero and Maria Antonia Lain, residents from Santa Fe.

On May 21, 1801, married and veiled, Manuel Zalazar, single son of Antonio Salazar and Maria Antonia Esquivel, residents of Santa Clara, with Maria Serafina Romero, daughter of Mateo Romero and Maria Paubla Trugillo, both deceased, padrinos:  Alcalde don Manuel Garcia de la Mora and his wife.

On June 8, 1801, married and veiled Miguel Gonzales, single son of Jose Cristoval Gonzales and Ynes Vaca, with Maria Gallego, single daughter of Ygnacio Gallego and Gertrudis Gurule, deceased.  Witnesses:  Juan Trugillo and his sister.

Priest visit

On July 25, 1802, married, Juan Jose, widow of Luciana with Maria Antonia, widow of Pablo, Indians from Nambe.  Witnesses:  Loreto, el fiscal and two sacristans.  [end of 461]

On November 7, 1802, married Matias, legitimate son of Juan Lorenzo and Ana Maria, both deceased with Maria Paula, legitimate daughter of Francisco Tomas and Francisca.  Witnesses:  Loreto and Juan Domingo, all residents of Nambe.  (41)

References:  LDS #16040, AASF #28
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