Saturday, May 19, 2012

Manuel Romero and Paula Valdez, some children

On May 27, 1795, baptized a 5 day old child named Juana Maria, daughter of  Manuel Romero and Paula Valdez; padrinos:  Jose Miguel Trugillo and his wife, Magdalena Rivera. [AASF #6, frame 69]

Baptized on July 6, 1796, Jose Rafael, legitimate son of Manuel Marquez and Maria Paula Valdes residents of this jurisdiction, padrino, Jose Francisco Truxillo.

Baptized on March 27, 1799, Maria de la Encarnacion, daughter of  Manuel Romero and Maria Paubla Baldes; godfather:  Antonio Quintana.  [AASF #8, frame 73]

Baptized on January 28, 1804, three day old Maria Ygnacia, daughter of  Manuel Marques and Maria Paula Baldes, of this jurisdiction; godparents:  Rafael Martin and Maria Sisneros.  [AASF #8, frame 81] (I had originally called her Venancia)

Thoughts:  Did Manuel use Marques as that could have been his father's name.  Or is that his mother's mother's name?  More things to look into.  Why would he start using Marques with the birth of his first born son?

References:  AASF, Nambe, Pojoaque films.

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