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Jose Trujillo Land Grant 1700 - Mesilla and Arroyo Seco, near Pojaoque

In the Mesilla de San Ildefonso Grant we find some interesting family groups and testimonies that appear in the adjudication of the grant itself, initially made to Jose Trujillo.

First made to soldier, Jose Trujillo (Antonia Lujan) on April 23, 1700, he later asked for more land as he was stationed at the puesto at Santa Cruz and needed more grazing land.  Then a Captain, he was granted the additional lands on July 15, 1709.  Jose Trujillo does sign the document, showing that he knew how to sign his name.  His witnesses were Bartolome Sanchez, Domingo Martin and Jose Manuel Gilthomey with Roque Madrid putting him in possession of the land in 1700, these lands today likely known as Mesilla near Española.  Juan de Ulibarri is the acting government official in the second piece of the land dated 1709.

The lands were in his family and in 1735 upon his death, his second wife; Antonia Lopez is filing for her share and her own children.  Jose Trujillo’s actual death is given as December 5, 1732 at El Paso del Rio del Norte. A Diego Trujillo, resident of said Paso, was the executor of the estate.  The children from the first marriage were part of the land distribution of this grant.  They are Maria (Cristobal Tafoya), Jose, Bartolome and Ysidro, all Trujillo’s.   Lands were set aside for them all including land for Antonia Lopez and her four children, (in this I think they are counting one of her children and the three from his first marriage).   The second land grant was known as Arroyo Seco and when you drive from Pojoaque to Española you see signage for an area called that, which are likely these same lands of grant number two. 

References:  SANM I, Roll 23

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