Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Archuleta, Lopez, Gomez and Roybal, Marriage in Pojoaque 1789

On August 28, 1789, married and veiled, Bonifacio Archuleta, son of Josefa Mestas with Maria Lopez, single, daughter of Antonia Garviso.  Padrinos:  Luciano Archuleta and Pedro Truxillo. 

On December 18, 1789, married Jose Gomez del Castillo, son of Juan Domingo Gomez and Simona Gallego, deceased with Maria Josefa Ruibal, legitimate daughter of Andres Ruibal and Ana Maria Griego, vecinos of Jacona.  Witnesses:  Blas Lopez and Pedro Bustos, from la Cañada. Margin notes they were veiled on January 10, 1790.

On December 20, 1789, married, Juan Domingo, son of Juan Poviche and Maria Gertrudes with Juana, daughter of Juan Namuyez Manso and  Antonia, Indians from Nambe.  Witnesses:  Juaquin Valencia and Cristoval Sangil from la Cañada. Martin notes they were veiled on January 10, 1790.  (23)
Fray Ramon Gonzales

Reference:  LDS Film #16040
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