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Jose Trujillo Land Grant 1700 - Mesilla and Arroyo Seco, near Pojaoque

In the Mesilla de San Ildefonso Grant we find some interesting family groups and testimonies that appear in the adjudication of the grant itself, initially made to Jose Trujillo.

First made to soldier, Jose Trujillo (Antonia Lujan) on April 23, 1700, he later asked for more land as he was stationed at the puesto at Santa Cruz and needed more grazing land.  Then a Captain, he was granted the additional lands on July 15, 1709.  Jose Trujillo does sign the document, showing that he knew how to sign his name.  His witnesses were Bartolome Sanchez, Domingo Martin and Jose Manuel Gilthomey with Roque Madrid putting him in possession of the land in 1700, these lands today likely known as Mesilla near Española.  Juan de Ulibarri is the acting government official in the second piece of the land dated 1709.

The lands were in his family and in 1735 upon his death, his second wife; Antonia Lopez is filing for her share and her own children.  Jose Trujillo’s actual death is given as December 5, 1732 at El Paso del Rio del Norte. A Diego Trujillo, resident of said Paso, was the executor of the estate.  The children from the first marriage were part of the land distribution of this grant.  They are Maria (Cristobal Tafoya), Jose, Bartolome and Ysidro, all Trujillo’s.   Lands were set aside for them all including land for Antonia Lopez and her four children, (in this I think they are counting one of her children and the three from his first marriage).   The second land grant was known as Arroyo Seco and when you drive from Pojoaque to Española you see signage for an area called that, which are likely these same lands of grant number two. 

References:  SANM I, Roll 23

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pojoaque 1801-1802 ~ Muños, Archuleta, Salazar, Romero, Gonzales, Gallegos

On May 20, 1801, married Juan Antonio Muños, single, son of Juan Luis Muños and Maria Teresa Gimenez, residents of Rio de Tesuque, with Maria de la Luz Archuleta, widow of Juan Bautista Romero, daughter of Luciano Archuleta, deceased and Maria Garcia, padrinos: Jose Maria Romero and Maria Antonia Lain, residents from Santa Fe.

On May 21, 1801, married and veiled, Manuel Zalazar, single son of Antonio Salazar and Maria Antonia Esquivel, residents of Santa Clara, with Maria Serafina Romero, daughter of Mateo Romero and Maria Paubla Trugillo, both deceased, padrinos:  Alcalde don Manuel Garcia de la Mora and his wife.

On June 8, 1801, married and veiled Miguel Gonzales, single son of Jose Cristoval Gonzales and Ynes Vaca, with Maria Gallego, single daughter of Ygnacio Gallego and Gertrudis Gurule, deceased.  Witnesses:  Juan Trugillo and his sister.

Priest visit

On July 25, 1802, married, Juan Jose, widow of Luciana with Maria Antonia, widow of Pablo, Indians from Nambe.  Witnesses:  Loreto, el fiscal and two sacristans.  [end of 461]

On November 7, 1802, married Matias, legitimate son of Juan Lorenzo and Ana Maria, both deceased with Maria Paula, legitimate daughter of Francisco Tomas and Francisca.  Witnesses:  Loreto and Juan Domingo, all residents of Nambe.  (41)

References:  LDS #16040, AASF #28
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pojoaque 1799-1800 ~ Trujillo, Gomez, Vigil, Quintana, Medina, Salazar, Abeyta, Cordova, Torres, Garcia, Martin, Romero

On June 15, 1799, married Andres Trugillo, single, legitimate son of don Pedro Trugillo, deceased and doña Josefa Gomez, with doña Juliana Pena, widow of don Pedro Ortix, padrinos: Francisco Ortis and his wife,

On July 21, 1799, married and veiled, Antonio, Indian, single son of Asencio and Juana Antonia, deceased, with Maria Antonia, single, daughter of Juan Atencio and Getrudis.  Witnesses:  Juachin and Francisca. [459-460]

On September 18, 1799, married and veiled Pedro Vegil, single son legitimate of Salvador Vegil and Maria Getrudes Baldes, both deceased with Maria Josefa, single, legitimate daughter of Julian Quintana and Maria de Jesus Lucero,padrinos:  Domingo Anselmo and his wife.

On September 29, 1800, married and veiled Juan Cristobal Trugillo single legitimate son of Bartolo Trugillo and Paula Medina, with Maria Soledad Salazar, single, legitimate daughter of Miguel Salazar and Antonia Romero, both deceased.  Witnesses:  Miguel Quintana and Luis Chaves.

On October 25, 1800, married and veiled Juan Bautista Trugillo, legitimate son of Miguel Trugillo and Teodora Beita with Maria Josefa, daughter of unknown parents.  Witnesses:  Paulin Martin and Julian Quintana.

On November 16, 1800, married and veiled, Lorenzo Cordova, single, legitimate son of Antonio Abad Cordova and Juliana Torres, residents of Quemado, with Maria Rafaela Trugillo, daughter of Mariano Trugillo and Maria Teodora Baca.  Witnesses:  Paulin Martin and Julian Quintana. (39)

On November 19, 1800, married and veiled Juan Jose Garcia, single legitimate son of Francisco Esteban Garcia and Clara Martin, originally from the villa of Santa Fe, with Josefa Romero, daughter of Mateo Romero and Paubla Trugillo, both deceased.  Witnesses:  Antonio Quintana and Paublin Espinosa.  [Frame 460-61] (40)

References:  LDS #16040, AASF #28

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pojoaque Marriages 1793 - Martin, Baca, Romero, Trujillo, Gomez

On April 13, 1793, married Juan Rafael Martin with Maria Guadalupe  Baca.  Witnesses: Juan Atencio and his wife and Jose Ortiz. (AASF, 28, frame 447, pg. 12)

On October 30, 1793, married Gregorio Francisco Romero, with Maria Paula Romero.  Witnesses: Diego Montoya and Jose (illegible). (AASF, 28, Frame 447, pg. 12)

On May 4, 1794, Juan Baptista Romero with Manuela Lus, wit/ Gabriel Romero and Jose Campos.

Frame 448-495 ½ are priest notations.  There are many pages of notes by several Priests.  Next entries start 1799. (38)

On June 15, 1799, married Andres Trugillo, single, legitimate son of don Pedro Trugillo, deceased and doña Josefa Gomez, with doña Juliana Peña, widow of don Pedro Ortis. Padrinos:  Francisco Ortis and his wife. 

References:  LDS #16040, AASF Film #28

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1791/1792 Pojoaque Marriages

On September 1, 1791, married and veiled Jose Antonio Rivera, soldier at the Santa Fe Presidio, with Maria Loreta Ortis, single, resident of this jurisdiction.  Witnesses:  Pedro Truxillo and Julian Quintana, residents of this jurisdiction.

On November 8, 1791, married and veiled, Francisco, Indian of the Pueblo of Nambe with Vitoria, Indian of the Pueblo of Pujuaque.  Witnesses:  Francisco Chinche and Jose Manuel, at the Pueblo of Nambe.

On February 22, 1792, married, Asencio Chilaque, widower with Antonia, widow of this Pueblo.  Witnesses:  Antonio Chaves and Juancho of the Pueblo.

Priests Note

On December 3, 1792, married and veiled, Juan Antonio Gonzales, the younger, single legitimate son of Josef Cristobal Gonzales and Ynes Vaca of Pujuaque with Maria Isabel Martin, also single, legitimate and natural daughter of Mario Martin and Maria Rosa Duran, padrinos:  Martin S. Gil and his wife, Paula.  Witnesses:  Juan Domingo Gomez, married, 50 and Nicolas Gomez, 55. (25/26)

References:  LDS #16040

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Manuel Romero and Paula Valdez, more children

This first record is the one indication that Manuel Ricardo Maria Romero uses the Marquez name as signified in this baptism.  Although he doesn't use it often, just twice so far, it makes one wonder why?

Baptized on April 24, 1806, age 3 days, Jesus Maria, son of Manuel Romero or Marquez and Maria Paubla Baldes, godparents were:  Francisco Trugillo and Maria Lugarda Romero. [AASF, Pojoaque, 8:83] Lugarda Romero is the daughter of Matias Romero and Maria Manuela Roybal.  Our first tie into the Romero line of this area.

Baptized on November 15,  1808, age 5 days; Jose Maria, son of Manuel Romero and Paula Baldes, godparents:  Josef Antonio Martin and Juana Aragon. [AASF, Pojoaque, 8:86]

Baptized on May 15, 1814, age 3 days; Maria de Altagracia, daughter of Manuel Romero and Maria Paula Baldes, godparents:  Juan de Jesus Baldes and Maria Barvara Armigo. [AASF, Pojoaque, 8:93]

At the mission of San Ildefonso, I baptized on  April 14, 1816, Maria Bacilia, age 8 days; daughter of Manuel Romero and Maria Paula Baldes, godparents:  Josef Ygnacio Montoya and Josefa Corduba, residents of La Cañada. [AASF, Pojoaque, 8:97]

So did his mother pass away and on her deathbed let him know who his father was?  One naming pattern for the Romero's is Juana Maria, there appear to be at least three of them in the Jose Romero and Nicolasa Trujillo line. 

References:  AASF, Nambe, Pojoaque films.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Manuel Romero and Paula Valdez, some children

On May 27, 1795, baptized a 5 day old child named Juana Maria, daughter of  Manuel Romero and Paula Valdez; padrinos:  Jose Miguel Trugillo and his wife, Magdalena Rivera. [AASF #6, frame 69]

Baptized on July 6, 1796, Jose Rafael, legitimate son of Manuel Marquez and Maria Paula Valdes residents of this jurisdiction, padrino, Jose Francisco Truxillo.

Baptized on March 27, 1799, Maria de la Encarnacion, daughter of  Manuel Romero and Maria Paubla Baldes; godfather:  Antonio Quintana.  [AASF #8, frame 73]

Baptized on January 28, 1804, three day old Maria Ygnacia, daughter of  Manuel Marques and Maria Paula Baldes, of this jurisdiction; godparents:  Rafael Martin and Maria Sisneros.  [AASF #8, frame 81] (I had originally called her Venancia)

Thoughts:  Did Manuel use Marques as that could have been his father's name.  Or is that his mother's mother's name?  More things to look into.  Why would he start using Marques with the birth of his first born son?

References:  AASF, Nambe, Pojoaque films.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Romero Valdez marriage San Ildefonso 1792

I'm redoing some genealogy in order to make sure I tied the correct person(s) to this family.  So in my usual manner, I am redoing the entire research and looking at original records which would be film in this case.  So first of all here is the puzzle.

Is Juana Gertrudes Romero a daughter of Jose Romero and Nicolasa Trujillo.  This couple has a child Getrudes who is baptized in Nambe in June 1741.  So is she the mother of Manuel Ricardo Maria Romero who is in the following record?  Right off, the answer would be no; WE need to find more information.

On May 2, 1792, at San Ildefonso, married and veiled, Manuel Ricardo Maria Romero, son of unknown father and Juana Gertrudes Romero, with Maria Paula Valdes, natural and legitimate daughter of Juan Domingo Valdes and and Andrea Lucero, all from Cuyamungue.  Witnesses:  Juan Domingo Gomez and Nicolas Gomez. [San Ildefonso, Reel 29, Frame 93]

So if Manuel is born between the ages of 18-21; this would make Juana Getrudes' age somewhere in her early 30's.  Is this possible? 

Additional record name a Getrudes Romero in Pojoaque.  One is dated August 1822, we find a Getrudes Romero as a grandparent to a child named Jose Ramon Mestas born to Ysidro Mestas and Maria de Jesus Romero; would this Maria de Jesus be a sister to Manuel Ricardo? At this point, need to do further research to ascertain who she might be related to.

Another record is dated September 1783, a Maria Getrudes Romero married to Jose Antonio Gonzales, baptizing a child named Maria Rosa.

Follow Up:
  1. At this point we need to further look into the children of Manuel Romero and Paula Valdes.
  2. Find the family of Maria de Jesus Romero who marred Ysidro Mestas; see if there is any compadrazgo. 
  3. Is the Getrudes Romero married to Antonio Gonzales a viable family to research?
  4. Look at burial records in order to see if Juana Getrudes is listed anywhere?

References:  AASF, Reel 29, frame 93; New Mexico Baptisms, Nambe 1707-1837 and Pojoaque 1779-1839 published by NMGS. 

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gomez, Gallegos, Coris, Trujillo, Gonzales, Baca - 1790 Pojaoque Marriages

On May 16, 1790, married and veiled Jose Francisco Gomes, legitimate son of Juan Domingo Gomes and Simona Gallegos, deceased with Juana Rafaela Coris, daughter of Pascual Coris, deceased and Juana Sanches, resident of Rancho of San Yldefonso.  Witnesses:  Gabriel Quintana and Toribio Mascareñas, resident from La Cañada.

On May 19, 1790, married and veiled Jose Francisco Truxillo, legitimate son of Blas Truxillo and Rosalia Martin, both deceased with Maria Lus Gonzales, daughter of Jose Cristoval Gonzales and Ynes Baca, residents of this jurisdiction.  Witnesses:  Alonso Sandoval and Pedro Bustos, residents of La Cañada.
Fr. Ramon Gonzales

On March 30, 1791, married and veiled with the permission of this father, named Juan Antonio, legitimate son and natural child of Juan and Francisca with Maria Gertrudes, legitimate and natural daughter of Geronimo and Margarita, deceased, residents of Pojoaque.  Witnesses:  Juan - fiscal mayor Pojoaque, Pasqual Juanico and Juan Antonio.  (24)
Fray Autemall
Reference:  LDS Film #16040
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Archuleta, Lopez, Gomez and Roybal, Marriage in Pojoaque 1789

On August 28, 1789, married and veiled, Bonifacio Archuleta, son of Josefa Mestas with Maria Lopez, single, daughter of Antonia Garviso.  Padrinos:  Luciano Archuleta and Pedro Truxillo. 

On December 18, 1789, married Jose Gomez del Castillo, son of Juan Domingo Gomez and Simona Gallego, deceased with Maria Josefa Ruibal, legitimate daughter of Andres Ruibal and Ana Maria Griego, vecinos of Jacona.  Witnesses:  Blas Lopez and Pedro Bustos, from la Cañada. Margin notes they were veiled on January 10, 1790.

On December 20, 1789, married, Juan Domingo, son of Juan Poviche and Maria Gertrudes with Juana, daughter of Juan Namuyez Manso and  Antonia, Indians from Nambe.  Witnesses:  Juaquin Valencia and Cristoval Sangil from la Cañada. Martin notes they were veiled on January 10, 1790.  (23)
Fray Ramon Gonzales

Reference:  LDS Film #16040
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1789 Pojoaque Marriages

On January 9, 1789, I married and veiled, Jose Trujillo, widower of Maria Candelaria with Juana Manuela Maysse (Maes), orphan, craida of Jose Roybal and Rosalia Maysse, Indian, single.  Witnesses:  Juan Yelmo, Juan Domingo Chey, Miguel Teche and his wife, Veronica Velarde, all Indians of the Pueblo of Pojoaque.

On June 1, 1789, I married and veiled Jose Cristoval Archuleta, legitimate son of Luciano Archuleta and Maria Antonio Garcia, with Maria Antonia Baldes, legitimate daughter of Juan Domingo Baldes and Andrea Lusero of this jurisdiction.  Witnesses:  Pedro Truxillo, don Bernardo Ruibal.  (22)

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Pojoaque Marriages end of 1788

On this day 1st of November 1788, I married and veiled Mathias Reyes, Indian, widower of Ana Maria, with Francisca Cheye, Indian, single, legitimate daughter of Ysidro Muri and Francisca. Witnesses:  Juan Yelmo, Pasqual Chey and his wife, Josefa Ocu, all Indians of this Pueblo of Pojoaque.

On November 27, 1788, I married and veiled Jose Manuel Coca, single, resident of this jurisdiction, legitimate son of Santiago Coca and Juana Ramona Gallegos, both deceased, with Maria Dolores Gomes, single, resident of the same jurisdiction, legitimate daughter of Juan Domingo Gomes and Ana Maria Archuleta.  Witnesses:  Jose Manuel Lucero and his wife, Maria Manuela Sanches, residents of the jurisdiction.

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