Friday, April 20, 2012

Valencia County

I've been trying to put together some kind of plan for researching in Valencia County and thought a timeline was the best way to do this.  I'm thinking this might help with some research puzzles I am trying to solve.

16th Century:  Coronado passes through and his troops stay for about two years.
1598:  we start recording history, otherwise it is oral.

17th Century:  mission churches were established at Acoma, Laguna, Isleta.

18th Century:  One of the first private land grants was given to and called San Clemente in Los Lentes.
1739:  Town of Tome is settled, grants given to Juan Varela, Nicolas Duran y Chaves are two.
1740:  Town of Belen granted to the Torres's and 32 other families.  It is said that these families came from Albuquerque, but I need to check on this as the Torres family was also up north near San Juan.

19th Century:  The Casa Colorada Grant was given to Jose Maria Perea and some others about 1823.
1852:  the County of Valencia was established.

And now I need to fill in the blanks.  There are maybe too many small villages in between these places on the camino real where people lived along the river.  Then I hope to establish some kind of time line for records as I go along.  With help of course.

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