Monday, April 2, 2012

Santa Cruz de la Cañada 1790 - A Few Burials

On January 2 1774, Miguel Cordoba with Juana Susana Martin, marry in Santa Cruz. By April 25, 1790, Miguel Cordova the deceased, married to Juana Susana Martin, is noted in the burial records. He received all the sacraments.

The next burial record is for Antonia, parvula, four years old, daughter of Jose Melchor Lopez and Maria Mondragon, residents of la Cañada, dated April 29, 1790. Melchor and Maria Graciana Mondragon married in Santa Cruz on November 10, 1784.

On April 20, 1790, Juan Cristoval, son of Juan Estevan Medina, and Victoria Quintana, from Cundillo (Cundiyo) is buried. I'm not sure when this couple married.

References: FHL #16973, Personal Database of Families.

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