Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Lujan Line

Juan Domingo Lujan Serrano with Maria Dolores Hurtado, español, he's from the villa de Santa Fe, son of Francisco Luxan Serrano and Juana Truxillo, deceased, she is española, from Cochiti, daughter of Felipe Santiago Hurtado and Lucia Martin, pad/ Isidro Montolla and and his wife. This record is dated August 18, 1777 at Cochiti.

I have Maria Dolores Hurtado coming out of Picuris and she was baptized on May 29, 1763. So she was 14 years old when she married. I have six known children for them.

This record goes back to Francisco Luxan and Juana Truxillo and that is where I dead end. I had someone tell me that he descends from Juan Jose Lujan and Maria Martin Serrano who were married in Santa Fe in 1698. But after studying this for quite a while, I gave up. I don't think I've looked at this in more than 10 years.

I like the idea of a cohesive Lujan genealogy. I'll see what else I can drum up.

References: Personal database.

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  1. I found a marriage record for Dolores Hurtado in the Santa Cruz. On 21 March 1813, Gaspar Antonio Gallegos, age 66 and a widower of Geronima Ortega, married Dolores Hurtado, widow of Juan Domingo Luxan. I am a descendant of Gaspar Gallegos and his 3rd wife, Apolonia Martin.

    1. I have that record also, it is the Francisco Lujan with the Trujillo gal where I dead end. So we must be distant cousins.