Friday, March 23, 2012

PBS, "Finding Your Roots"

In the Wall Street Journal this morning, I found the article about PBS working on New Mexicans. About a month ago, Rick Hendricks, our State Historian, asked for some information on Linda Chavez, who I passed onto Ronaldo Miera, President of HGRC. Little did I know then, they were also working on Adrian Grenier, whom I did quite a bit of genealogy on his ancestry and one specific Native American line. As PBS told me later, they would focus on Diego de Montoya as a common ancestor, although Grenier also descends from Hernan Martin Serrano. These episodes will start filming here in New Mexico this coming week and will be part of this 10 part series, but towards the end, like 8 & 9.

I like these a bit more than the Friday night version of Who Do You Think You Are. They seem to be more down to earth for me. So I look forward to seeing all these ten episodes.

Reference: Wall Street Journal, Friday, March 23, 2012, D5

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  1. Are these episodes going to be available outside of New Mexico? I love WDYTYA, but would love to see other family history progreams as well.

    Regards, Jim
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