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Martin Chaves, Civil War New Mexico

Martin Chaves, born about 1838 at Cebolleta, New Mexico, enlisted in the 1st Cavalry Company K Regiment. His muster card notes that he was 25 years old, 5'9" tall, dark complexion and black eyes and hair. His official enlistment date is September 21, 1863 at Ft. Craig New Mexico by Lt. Young. He term was to last three years.

This is the Regiment known as the Kit Carson Regiment as he was the Colonel at the time. New Mexico was not again invaded by the Confederates after the expulsion of the Texans in 1862, but the numerous Indian tribes of the Territory and the adjacent eastern plains took advantage of the war to indulge in frequent uprisings. The 1st cavalry was almost continuously employed during its term of service in expeditions against the hostile Navajos, Apaches, Comanches, Kiowas, Utes,.etc., and detachments of the regiment were stationed as garrisons at the various military posts of the territory such as Forts Bascom, Canby Stanton, Wingate, Sumner and Whipple, according to the varying exigencies of the Indian service.

  • In June of 1866, he was noted as being part of the Navajo Campaign in his discharge card.
  • From the time of enlistment to discharge, he was on various scouting missions against the Apache.
  • February 1864 he was at Ft. Canby.
  • Ft. Whipple from November to December 1865.
  • He was promoted June 14, 1863 at Las Cruces, NM, but it just mentions private.

Campaigns that Company K were involved in are:
Fought on 16 Jun 1863.
Fought on 18 Aug 1863 at Pueblo, CO.
Fought on 25 Aug 1864.
Fought on 24 May 1865 at Fort Wingate, NM.
Fought on 31 Aug 1866.

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  1. This most likely not him I'm thinking. How can I send you a PDF file, Martin's time line? I have yet to find a birth record for him.