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Gregorio Ygnacio Rodriguez m. Getrudis Lujan (San Juan)

I'm posting this to see if anyone has any ideas of who their parents are.

Gregorio Ygnacio Rodriguez married Getrudis Lujan on July 2, 1761 at San Juan de los Caballeros. They have five known children: Francisco Antonio (1763), Maria Rosa (1767), Maria Dolores (1772), Juan Antonio (1776), and Vicente (1783). All baptized at San Juan.

With the following exceptions of Maria Dolores, whose baptism states she is mestiza, all of the records record them as espanol. Second, Gregorio only uses that name on his marriage record and that on the baptism of Maria Rosa. Yet, I think he is one and the same.

In the 1790 census for San Juan, they are noted as Ygnacio Rodrigues, Spanish, 48, farmer; Getrudis Lujan, Spanish, 44, two sons ages 14, 6 and one daughter age 21. (HH 87)

Living sort of in the same area in these households are other Rodriguez's, but they aren't clear enough to say how they can all be related.
HH 90, Maria Encarnacion Rodrigues, 21 married to Antonio Jose Tafoya.
HH 91, Jose Maria Rodrigues, widower, 28.
HH 92, Francisco Rodriguez, 40, married to Maria Antonia Abeyta.
HH 94, Juan Antonio Rodriguez, 28, married to Micaela Sandoval.
HH 99, Ana Maria Rodriguez, 21, married to Marcelino Gonzales.
HH 100, Francisco Antonio Rodriguez, 24, married to Maria Dolores Tafoya.

On October 8, 1753, a Joseph Rodriguez marries a Manuela Lujan, with witnesses Antonio Abyeta and Rosalia Lujan. Can this be a brothers marrying sisters type of connection? Are these gals the children of Juan Antonio Lujan and Rosalia Abeyta who are living in Soledad in 1750?

So I looked in Santa Cruz, Nicolas, Pedro and Cayetano all Rodriguez are living there. Cayetano has one son in the 1750 census. But I didn't see the others listed. Not sure if there is a connection here.

Anyone who can give me some insight on this puzzle, thank you ahead of time.

References: San Juan de los Cabelleros Marriages and Baptisms, 1750 New Mexico Colonial Census, Santa Cruz de la Canada baptisms and 1750 Colonial Census.

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  1. I too am working on Rodriguez in the same era, Juan Rafael B.abt 1795 his father Jose Francisco Rodriguez M. to Maria De Lorensa -Loretto- FLORES, his mother Francisca, a native of San Juan, no Biological father listed. Francisco was baptized by Melchor Rodriguez, thus the surname RODRIGUEZ??? from what I am getting on my line of Rodriguez, either Christianizing the Natives, which gives the SURNAME or and she was servant to him, or he was in fact biological father to Jose Francisco. Melchor Rodriguez was legally married to someone else. Only DNA can prove this, because we know Melchor was half black.

  2. I'm not finding the baptism you are talking about, but I am agreeing with you totally. The mother was likely a servant in the house and Melchor baptized him. The Rodriguez folks at times used Jorge, so I'm wondering if either of us should be looking at those types of records.