Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Francisco Benavides, Land Sale 1711 Santa Fe

Land sale to Juan Garcia de Noriega, August 20, 1711. He mentions his first wife, Josepha de Thamariz, who left the land to him and their deceased son. Sells the land for 40 pesos. The borders are on the opposite bank of the river; bounded on the north by the river, on the south the lands of Salvador Archuleta, east the lands of Francisco Thamariz and west the lands of said Juan Garzia. A total of one half a fanega of planting corn. Witnesses: Cristobal de Gongora, Miguel de Sandoval and Alfonso Rael de Aguilar.

Francisco Benavides married three times, first to Josefa Tamaris sometime before 1708, when he married a second time to Jacinta Romero and a third time to Valentina Martin in 1731 at Santa Cruz de la Cañada. In all he had thirteen known children.

Francisco was born October 1688 in Durango, Mexico.

Reference: Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Twitchell #300.

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