Monday, March 5, 2012

Felipe Maes - My Commander Was Killed by the Billy The Kid Gang

Felipe Maes enlisted in Company A of the New Mexico Volunteer Cavalry on September 24, 1864, he first served under Capt. Baca of the 1st Regiement. His last commanding officer was Capt. Brady and in Maes's pension file, attests to this fact, that Brady was killed by the Bill the Kid Gang. Felipe Maes was discharged on October 12, 1866.

Maes was injured and taken for dead when his horse fell on him. He was taken to Ft. Stanton and hospitalized; in later years he suffered from his internal injuries.

He actually died April 8, 1913 from pneumonia at Lincoln, NM. His mother was Petra Maes and Felipe was married to Anastacia Mirando on March 12, 1869 at Ft. Stanton.

After Congress made some changes to the Civil War Pension Acts, his widow, Maria Anastacia Maes, received a monthly rate of $50 right around the time that Felipe dies, until her death. The application was made in May 1913.

References: National Archives, Washington DC, Civil War Pension Files.

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