Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Agustina Armenta ~ Jemez

Agustina Armenta was born April 3, 1811 at San Ysidro (Jemez), New Mexico. According to her baptism record she's the daughter of Pedro Antonio Armenta and Maria Francisca Montoya. Agustina doesn't show up again until she's having a child named Tomas, who is born December 1837 and is in the Cochiti Baptism book, (NMGS, pg. 249). In that record we have the following information:

Tomas is the child of Deciderio Valdez and Agustina Armenta with the paternal grandparents as Pedro Baldes and Juana Montolla, maternal grandparents are noted as, Pedro Armenta and Francisca Montolla.

The next time we see this couple, is in the 1845 San Ysidro Census, with Agustina now appearing to be married to a different man - Juan Montoya, 28, Agustina Armenta, 27 and Salvador 3 (their child).

Deciderio (supposed husband from first marriage), is in the census two houses up living with his parents and now age 30. I am assuming there aren't two brothers with the same name.

Problems to solve:
1. Are there two Agustina Armenta's?
2. The one married to Deciderio Valdez, did she die along with Salvador the child?
3. If there are two Agustina Armenta's, who is the one married to Juan Montoya?
4. Who is Juan Montoya and who are his parents?
5. Agustina goes onto live at Chilili and is a widow for quite a long time. She's in the 1870 census pg. 5, and again in 1880, she's living at Chilili.

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