Sunday, March 4, 2012

1940 Census Handout

Well we had a good turn out for the 1940 Census, Are you Ready Lecture. One thing that surprised me was that not many folks raised their hands when I asked if they were all up to date on the 1930 census. I guess since I go to the census first and then the books, it helps me put those people in a time and place, I thought everyone else did that too.

Here are some links from my handout with comments. You can copy and paste into your browser window.

The Genealogical Society of Hispanic America will be holding their conference on June 15-17, 2013 at The Lodge in Santa Fe. Yours truly will be speaking about Wills. The information is at their site:

Family History Expos will be in Albuquerque for an April 13, 14, 2012. I will also be doing two lectures for this event. One of my favorite people will be there, Arlene Eakle, she is one of the nicest researchers I know and she loves puzzles. I hope to see as many of her lectures as I can, as I always learn something. for more information:

The Historical Society of New Mexico will be holding their Statehood Conference in Santa Fe, BUT Saturday, May 5 will be geared towards genealogists with a unique line-up of speakers. I hope to see all Family Historians there. For more info:

1940 Census links:
For ED maps:

Finding Aids for 1940 Census: Search under 1940 census for anything or everything.
- the one page websites, has some wonderful items for the 1940 Census. - New updates daily, keep checking to see what they've added for your state. - to sign up for helping to index the 1940 census. Don't forget to put the state you want and that would be New Mexico.

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