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1786 Pojoaque Marriages

1786 - On January 9, married and veiled Vicente Romero, español, single, legitimate son of Jose Romero, deceased and Nicolasa Trujillo, with Maria Josefa Roibal, española, single daughter of don Bernardo Roibal and Barbara Pacheco, wit/ Dionisio Romero and Ysabel Lucero. All residents of Pojoaque.

On January 17, 1786, married and veiled Juan Nicolas Begil, single, son natural of Maria Antonia Begil and unknown father with Juana Paula Lopez, single legitimate daughter of Jose Miguel Lopez and Lucia Naran, deceased, wit/ Juan Bernal and his wife, Maria Antonia Bernal; all residents of this jurisdiction. (14)

On February 27, 1786, married and veiled, Bartholo, Indian of San Ildefonso Pueblo, widower of Juana, with Josefa Tapia, single, of this jurisdiction, legitimate daughter of Jose Antonio Tapia and Maria Theodora Garcia, both deceased, wit/ Antonio Jose, coyote, Xptobal Bernal and his daughter Maria Vainora Bernal, residents of this same jurisdiction.

On February 28, 1786, married and veiled Antonio Jose, coyote, single, criado in the house of Matheo Ruibal, son of Barthola, Pawnee Indian and unknown father, with Maria Antonia Bernal, single, legitimate daughter of Juan Bernal and Maria Ysabel Fernandez, wit/ Joaquin Garduño and Antonio Jose Mestas, coyote and Paula Romero, all residents of this jurisdiction.

On November 20, 1786, married and veiled, Jose Trujillo, Indian widower of Marta, of this mission with Maria Candelaria, single, criada of don Jose Campo Redondo, natural d/ Maria Antonia, single and unknown father, of this jurisdiction, wit/ Andres and his wife, Maria Concepcion, Indians of this mission.

On December 13, 1786, married Domingo Lujan, español, resident of the Cañada of Cochiti, widower of Valentina Tafoya, with Maria Antonia Quintana, española, resident of this jurisdiction, widowed of Esteban Rodriguez, wit/ Jose Roibal and Jose Antonio Median, residents of this jurisdiction. Accompanied by Francisco Mayse (Maes), single, resident of Cañada and Paula Lujan, single, of this jurisdiction. Corresponded 20 February of this year. (15-16)

References: Family History Library Film #16040.

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