Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mocavo.com - Try It or Not!

Well I decided to check out some new sites for researching New Mexico names. I visited the Mocavo exhibit at RootsTech just to see if they had anything more than what I had been using. They really didn't have new info on how to best use their site. For free though you can view millions of records if not billions. I would discourage paying for their service, unless you find something first for free. They want you to register, which I did, but still didn't find anything new on my Pedro Ygnacio Sanchez.

I was seriously dissapointed when I noticed they had scoured the Great HGRC Pedigree Database. They have information from genforum and a few other query places. I also found one off my own website Trementina.com. So in the end I didn't find anything new. As usual, most of the stuff on the on-line searches don't really work out for me. Someone with a lot more time on their hands and likes to surf the web, might actually have better luck.

My usual thoughts on these sites, when it comes to New Mexico, they wait to put new stuff on or never do. But it never hurts to look, especially if you have some unusual names that stand out.

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