Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7 - Big Day for Weddings in New Mexico

Well just looking at some of the people in my genealogical database, I found that I have 29 couples who were married on this day, including my own parents.

1686 - Antonio Ramirez Gamboa with Luisa Tapia, in Guadalupe del Paso.
1716 - Antonio Trujillo with Maria Marquez de Ayala, in Santa Fe.
1782 - Eusebio Antono Medina with Lugarda Gallegos, in Nambe.
1858 - Juan Bautista Aragon with Maria Salome Baca, in San Ildefonso.
1860 - Jose Cosme Sanchez with Maria Quirina Archuleta, in Sapello.

Being that it is only a week away from Valentine's Day and that Saint Valentine's Day has been around for a few centuries, what do you think these folks were doing back in their day? A Honeymoon seems out of place here, but maybe some kind of wedding fiesta.

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