Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rafael Sanchez - Headstone

My ggrandfather, Rafael Sanchez, is buried in a tiny little place called San Rafael. He was one of the first settlers in this area near Trementina. He donated the land for the church to be built and his wife Apolonia Ramirez was instrumental in getting that done - could be why they call this area San Rafael.

Rafael was born in 1845 at Peña Blanca, NM and from there his family moved to the Rociada area. When he and Aplonia married in 1873, what was to come were 14 children and a move to the Trementina area. The homesteaded the land, along with their children and had a sheep ranch in those early days. The church was completed around 1913 or so with donations and help from all the surrounding families. Mass is still held once a year at the annual funcion the first weekend in October.

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