Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gaspar Ortiz y Silva, March 11, 1867 ~ Santa Fe

On his deathbed, Gaspar Ortiz y Silva is writing his final will and testament. He notes that in his first marriage to Leonor Campos, they had no children. After her death, all that she brought to the marriage was returned to her father, Francisco Campos, and they adjudicated it in the Probate Courts and all was done to satisfaction of the courts.

He married a second time to Jesusita Ortiz; again having no children. He declares that he has not one child nor heir. He wishes that the following persons who he is giving things to be declared his final heirs. I picked out some names and belongings just to see what he had.
- Candelario Ortiz, the land de la Baca-calle, next to the lands of Juana Conklin.
- George Ortiz, his brother, he gives the corral and coach house and a few other things.
- He orders that Cornelia Campos returns the lands at Pecos. She is also living in two rooms of a house, next door to Anastacio Sandabol.
- He also orders that Cornelia return some sheets, pillows, bed spreads, colcha, and four saints.
- To Ramona, the daughter of Rosalia he gives a room and half a sala which is actually being lived in by Lupe Barranca, bordered by the rooms that Cornelia uses. (Was he renting out rooms in a house?)
- His brother, Agustin, owes him 74 pesos, who has not paid and at the end of his days, the monies should be given to Antonia Ortiz y Salazar.
-He declares that his wife, Jesusita Ortiz should be given the rest of his properties, as she is his only heir.

He signs along with Carlos M. Conklin, Justo Valencia, and Jose E. Duran as a witness.

Reference: Santa Fe, NM Probate and Will book, pgs. 345-347

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