Friday, January 20, 2012

Bentura Moya - Santa Fe - Will, 1869

On September 4, 1869, Bentura Moya ordered his final will. He states he is a resident of the County of Santa Fe, Territory of New Mexico. He is of sane mind and is near death.

He orders that Cesaria Seberina (no surname), be given two rooms in a house of his residence. (This is not uncommon in early New Mexico, that rooms be given out to different people). The land that is north of his house be also given to her. [Who is she?]

His one and only heir is a nephew, Jose Gutierres, and that all his personal and real property be given to him.

He names as his executor: Antonio Ortiz y Salazar and witnesses sign who are, Jesus Leyba, Luis Tafoya and Benino Ortega. Ortiz y Salazar is also the Probate Judge at the time.

Reference: Santa Fe County Will & Probate Book "D", pgs. 78-79

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